Xenon Low Voltage Button Puck Light


Item #: HR-86 WAC Lighting
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Product Overview
    • Xenon
    • Surface mount or recessed mount
    • Surface mount diameter 2.625in
    • Recessed mount diameter 2.125in
    • Hardwire or plug-in
    • 72in lead wires
    • UL listed


Illuminate under and inside cabinets, curios, and displays with this button puck light. This versatile xenon puck light may be surface or recessed mounted, hardwired or plugged in to power, and features a low profile with a shallow installation depth. This puck light is UL listed and carries a 5-year warranty.

Required Accessories Sold Separately

  • One 12-volt electronic transformer is required for powering the puck lights. Be sure to select a transformer with a wattage rating equal to or slightly greater than the total wattage of the puck lights being powered.
  • Calculating Total Wattage: to determine the transformer you need, calculate the total wattage rating of your installation by multiplying the number of puck lights you intend to power by 20 watts. For example, for 3 puck lights, you would need to select a transformer rated for at least 60 watts (3 Puck Lights x 20W/puck = 60W).

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Multiple Terminal Block: easily wire multiple output connections together for a neat under cabinet installation of Puck Lights without the use of open splices.



WAC Lighting

Color of Light


Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Color Temperature

Warm White



Diameter (in)




Height (in)


Input Voltage


Kelvin Color Temperature


Light Bulb Base Type

G4 Bipin

Light Fixture Type

Puck Light

Light Source





Aluminum, Steel

Mounting Type

Recessed, Surface

Power Method

Hardwire, Plug-In

Quantity Being Sold


Rated Life (hours)

000, 10

Recommended Dimmer

Electronic Low Voltage

UL Listed


Voltage System

Low Voltage


5 Years



Wire Gauge (AWG)



Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Copper Bronze, Dark Bronze, White


3 reviews for Xenon Low Voltage Button Puck Light

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott Semrau

    Amazing Product
    Many years ago we purchased a beautiful curio cabinet to display some of our treasured items and the cabinet is beautiful BUT the manufacturer put in a ridiculous little “night-light” to light up the inside. Several times due to moving or work being done in the home we have emptied the cabinet and each time I have said we will not put the items back in until we find an appropriate light! Well, thank you Pegasus as this little light makes such a HUGE difference in the cabinet it is amazing. The light gives off a brilliant while light that illuminates all our items beautifully all the way to the bottom shelf. Many of the items are crystal and they simply “glow”!! Thank you so much for offering this light and finally fixing the stupid mistake the manufacturer made years ago when they decided a night-light would sufficiently light up a five shelf cabinet! It also runs cool unlike a halogen so there is no noticeable rise in temp in the enclosed cabinet! So happy with this item you cannot believe!!!
    Pros:Brilliant white light and runs cool

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Marianne Owens

    Worked great for us
    Thank you to the phone adviser at Pegasus for leading us to buy this product to replace 2 halogen lights over our kitchen sink.
    Great replacement and great lighting.
    Pros:Great phone guidance. Great replacement for halogen.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent Replacement Puck Lights
    After one of my original puck lights needed replacing I contacted Pegasus Lighting. My original lights were no longer available, however, a suitable replacement was but slightly different. The replacement lights matched the diameter of the hole but were flush with the cabinet bottom. My original lights protruded about 3/4 inch. I ordered lights to replace the originals and now I am very satisfied with the new lights that are flush with the parent cabinet.
    Pros:The flush lights have a much cleaner look
    Cons:Difficulty removing the lense cover may pose a problem replacing bulbs

  • Questions & Answers

    Question from Dotty:

    My entertainment center has 3 daisy-chained halogen spots recessed in the cabinet "ceiling." They are controlled by a single on/high-medium-low/off touch switch. Can I replicate this installation using this product? What additional components would I need?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    These lights cannot be daisy chained. Each fixture lead wire must be connected directly to the transformer which is sold separately.

    Question from Jo:

    If I get the copper pucks,,, do they come with matching color wire?? Also how long is the wire? can I get it extra long??

    Answer from Pegasus:

    The lead wires are black on all fixtures. The lead wires measure 72".

    Question from Joe:

    I want to do a recessed install under a cabinet which has a 3" dropped false bottom. Can that be accomplished with this light ?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    When recessed the fixture height is less than 1"". Please refer to the installation instructions and spec sheet. https://www.pegasuslighting.com/wp-content/uploads/xenon-puck-lights-low-voltage-button-install-instructions.pdf https://www.pegasuslighting.com/wp-content/uploads/hr86-spec-sheet.pdf

    Question from Renee:

    I need a new light fixture for my curio cabinet, the old one was in the top of the cabinet, there is a 3" hole in top of cabinet. Will this XENON Low voltage button puck light work in my cabinet?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    No, because your hole is too large. This fixture recesses in a 2-3/8in hole. If you are able to make the hole smaller then you can use this fixture.

    Question from Bill:

    I have questions on the dimensions of the product: 1. What is the Recess mounting hole depth required? I have 5/8 available 2. What is the recess hole diameter required? Is this 2.375"" 3. It says the recessed mount height is .0625"". This is 1/16 - is this correct? what is this the height of?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    When recess mounted, you need a cutout of 2-3/8in. You will need at least 0.75 of depth in the hole for the fixture. The 1/16in recessed height is what will stick out of the hole. It sounds like your hole is not going to be deep enough for this fixture.

    Question from Beverly:

    I am looking to install between 6-8 of these lights under my kitchen cabinets. Are these ok for damp areas? Also to hard wire these to a dimmer switch, Do I need a transformer and if so What kind and do you sell them??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    Answer from Pegasus:

    The xenon button lights are not rated for damp location, but can certainly be installed under cabinets. They do require a 12-volt transformer, https://www.pegasuslighting.com/12v-transformers.html Also, compatible with electronic low voltage dimmers, https://www.pegasuslighting.com/electronic-low-voltage-dimmers.html

    Question from Frank:

    I am looking for xenon low voltage 3-pack kits with 72 inch leads. My cabinets are already 42 long & I need a little more length. I typically (in the past) mount the transformer above the cabinets, as I have switched 120 volt outlets up there & then run the low voltage wires through the cabinets to the pucks. That way I don't have to do any 120 volt hardwiring & the low voltage wires don't violate the electrical code. Any 3-pack kits with longer than 48 inch leads?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    Frank, we do not have any packaged kits that have 3 puck lights with 72in leads. However, these puck lights we sell individually and they do have 72in leads that connect to the transformer of your choice.

    Question from John:

    I am looking for puck lights such as these to be hardwired to a dimmable wall switch. Could these be used for this?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    Absolutely. You need to use a transformer with these puck lights and it's recommended to use an electronic low voltage dimmer.

    Question from Bill:

    How many of these can you safely string together?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    The multiple terminal block would take 6 lights at 120 watts into 1 transformer. If you do not wish to use the multiple terminal block you would need to make sure the transformer is at a high enough wattage to cover the combined total wattage of the puck lights.

    Question from NJ Mattice:

    How do you change the bulb once it has blown out? I can't get the front piece off to access the blown bulb. Suggestions????

    Answer from Pegasus:

    The silver trim ring should be pulled away from the outer trim. Then you will be able to access the light bulb.

    Question from Craig:

    Does the button recessed light require a wall switch or is there an on off button on the fixture? What transformer is required for one fixture?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    There is not a switch on the product. There are many, many transformer options, whether you need plug in or hardwire, for example. Since you will only connect one light, you can use a 60W electronic transformer. If you use a hardwire transformer, then to turn on/off you could use either a dimmer or a wall switch. If you use a plug-in transformer, you can turn the light on by plugging it in and off by unplugging it.

    Question from Bob:

    Can you spec the transformers and dimmers that you sell?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    The xenon low voltage button puck light requires an electronic low voltage transformer, determined by the number of puck lights being installed. https://www.pegasuslighting.com/low-voltage-transformers.html This is dimmable with an electronic low voltage dimmer switch. https://www.pegasuslighting.com/electronic-low-voltage-dimmers.html

    Question from Paul:

    Can these be installed in a framed wall recess consisting of 2 - 2x6 framing lumber?

    Answer from Pegasus:

    Puck lights should not be installed in walls or ceilings because they are not going to receive the proper ventilation and they are not rated for installation in walls/ceilings.

    Question from Patti:

    Are 2.25in replacement glass lenses available? Patti

    Answer from Pegasus:

    Patti, no, we do not have replacement lenses.