Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting

Upgrade your kitchen counters with a fully dimmable, very attractive warm light. While xenon under cabinet lights do generate heat, they are much cooler to operate than comparable halogen lighting and they are our most popular under cabinet lighting option for kitchens. Make sure to check out our xenon undercabinet lighting in action by viewing our animated image that helps you see the impact your new lights can have in your kitchen, as well as our customer project photos. We also have an installation video to learn how easy they are to install in your home or office. Once you see how simple it is to install xenon lights under cabinets, you can start browsing our selection to take the next step towards adding illumination and style to your residential or commercial setting.

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Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting Tips

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Xenon under cabinet lighting is one of the best ways to enhance your kitchen space, and these xenon task lights are our most popular under cabinet lighting option. By installing a xenon under cabinet light you can significantly improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

But don’t just take our “word” for it, let us show you with an animated image.

This image rotates every few seconds to show the xenon under cabinet lights on and off.

Animated photo of Under Cabinet Xenon lights turning on and off

A Guide for Choosing The Right Xenon Under Cabinet Light

Kitchens are a lot like people in that no two are exactly alike. Even when built with the exact same specifications, kitchens differ in important ways because they are essentially the heart of the home, and each home reflects the people that live there. This means there is no one-size-fits-all xenon undercounter lighting solution, because not only do cabinet sizes differ, but so do the specific lighting goals of the people who use kitchens. So how do you know what kind of light will fit your kitchen and your lifestyle? Here are a few helpful tips for choosing.

Light Source

Xenon under cabinet lights are some of our best selling kitchen light fixtures because they offer beautiful, warm light and they are the most compatible with dimming technology. But they do put off some heat (although less heat than halogen under cabinet light fixtures), so take that into consideration. For example, you might want to move that stash of chocolate to a higher shelf inside the cabinet.

Fixture Design

Our xenon undercabinet lights come in many shapes and sizes, including linear bar fixtures and puck lights. Depending on your lighting goals, each of these designs will offer you different kinds of light effects. If you want uniform, bright lighting, the linear bar fixtures will be your best bet; but if you prefer the look of pooling light, our puck lights may suit your needs better. Many of our xenon under cabinet lighting fixtures are also linkable!

Power Source

Most people prefer to hardwire their lights so they can have a dedicated light switch. If selecting hardwire xenon undercabinet lights is not an option for you, we also offer plug-in varieties. Plug-in lights are useful for kitchens where a direct power source is either not available or inaccessible, like in rental properties where the landlord doesn’t want permanent fixtures added.

Our xenon under cabinet lighting options are usually available in varying lengths, wattages, and finishes to give you exactly what you need for your kitchen. You may find these resources helpful when choosing the right lighting for your project:

Installation Video & Tips

To help with your installation make sure to check out this video of one of our employees Emily from Pegasus Lighting, along with her husband Mike, install plug-in xenon under cabinet light fixtures in their kitchen. This was a relatively easy DIY project for the both of them and when their lighting project was done they loved the new lighting.

For step-by-step instructions, here are a few DIY guides to installing under-cabinet lighting:

Customer Lighting Project Photos

Sometimes our customers send us pictures of their successful lighting projects, and we love to show them off! Take a “looksee” at these xenon under cabinet lighting upgrades.

Our first project comes to us from Kip! We love his new kitchen.

Picture of new xenon task lights in customer kitchen

To learn more about this customer’s lighting project and to see more photos please visit our featured blog post: Xenon Under Cabinet Customer Project.

Our second project photo comes from Chloe & Company.

Photo showing new xenon thin under cabinet task lights added to a kitchen

To learn more about this customer’s lighting project and to see before and after photos please visit the blog post: Customer Lighting Project – Xenon Line Voltage Thin Under Cabinet Task Lights.

Our final set comes from one of a series of new home projects that our Pegasus Lighting President did.

After picture of xenon under cabinet lighting installation

To learn much more about his lighting project and to see before and after photos please visit New Home Project – Under Cabinet Lighting.