Xenon Light Bulbs

We offer a large selection of xenon lamps with different type bases and both line and low voltage options. A xenon lamp is a type of incandescent bulb with xenon gas included within the glass envelope to extend the life of the light bulb. A typical xenon light bulb may have a rated life of 10,000 hours while a comparable halogen would be 2,000 hours. In addition, xenon light bulbs give off less heat than halogen and you can handle xenon replacement bulbs with your hands unlike halogen. As a result, many people prefer xenon over halogen when they have a choice.

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Why Are Xenon Lamps Great?

Longer Lamp Life

A xenon light bulb is an incandescent lamp with xenon gas added inside the glass envelope. This means that xenon light bulbs last longer than similar halogen ones. In fact, some can last up to 100,000 hours!

Touch the Glass All You Want

Unlike halogen light bulbs, xenon light bulbs may be touched by bare hands without the oil from your hands severely reducing the rated life of the lamps. Even better, you can replace those halogen lamps with comparable xenon. Just make sure you choose a xenon lamp with the same base (e.g., bipin, wedge, festoon), shape, and glass envelope size prior to using a xenon bulb replacement.

More Tolerant of Unstable Voltages

Halogen light bulbs burn out easily when unstable voltage is applied to them like in the marine industry. However, xenon lamps are much more tolerant, which results in longer life.

Minimal UV Rays

The ultraviolet rays from halogen can seriously damage fabrics and art work. Xenon replacement bulbs, on the other hand, emit minimal UV rays, which make them ideal for lighting sensitive fabric and art work.

No High Pressure Danger

One of the biggest concerns with halogen is that the gas inside the glass envelope is under relatively high pressure, which can become a safety concern. With xenon light bulbs the gas inside the glass envelope is under much lower pressure, which means they are less prone to “non-passive failure.” This, in turn, means that xenon light bulbs are not required to have a glass cover and if a glass cover is used to diffuse the light that the glass diffuser does not have to be tempered.

Lower Temperature

In general, xenon operates at lower temperatures than similar halogen light bulbs.


Xenon light bulbs may be easily dimmed, which lengthens the life of the lamp, reduces energy costs, and controls the light levels to suit the situation.

Excellent Color Rendering

Xenon light bulbs have an excellent color rendering index (CRI) of 100.