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Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Trims

One of the most unique ways to liven up a room is wall washing, a technique that uses several evenly spaced recessed cans with specially designed trims to bathe the whole wall in light. Below you will find our selection of wall washing recessed lighting trims, which all have partial openings that direct light in an asymmetrical beam onto the wall, artwork or fireplace below. Our trims are compatible with LED lamps, PAR halogen lamps and MR16 low voltage halogen lamps. Whether you’re looking for a baffle, reflector, adjustable or even square wall wash trim, we’ve got you covered!

Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Trims FAQS

Q) Why should I use wall washer lighting?
Perhaps the biggest appeal of washing a wall in light is that it provides smooth, even illumination. Wall wash lighting will minimize the texture of a surface and gloss over walls with imperfections. Wall washer lighting is also often used as a design trick to make a small spaces feel bigger. Since there is an added emphasis to vertical surfaces, the eye tends to perceive a room with wall washers as larger. Lighting can greatly affect the overall feel and space of a room. For this reason, wall washer lights are great additions to rooms that are smaller in size.

Q) Can I create wall wash lighting in a room with a sloped ceiling?
Yes! Wall wash lighting is extremely flexible in terms of its application. Just use a wall washer lighting trim specifically designed for sloped ceilings.

Q) How do I choose between trims with baffles or reflectors?
Baffle trims minimize glare while reflector trims maximize light output. Consider which effect is more important in your wall wash lighting project and choose accordingly. We also offer trims with neither a baffle nor a reflector, as well as adjustable trims in our selection of wall washers.