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Wiring Box with Switch

Wiring Box with Switch



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WAC Lighting

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Product Overview
  • White
  • Power switch
  • UL listed
This wiring box collects low voltage wires inside the box to hide exposed wires. Use this wiring box when spanning a large gap in a lighting system design. This box includes a switch to control power to the lighting system.
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Wiring Box with Switch
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Question from Theresa:

Do I have to have the 12 foot extension to connect the wiring box w/ switch to the light fixture? I really just want to attach the switch to the 1st light in the run and I want it to sit right next to the fixture. I don't need 12 feet of extension wire.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, you need the extension cable. The 12ft extension wire has bare wires on one end and a specific connector used to connect to the run of fixtures on the other. The wire makes connections in the box. You can shorten the length of the cord with wire cutters.

Question from Ron:

Does this need low voltage wire going in and coming out or Romex wire between wiring boxes?

Answer from Pegasus:

This box is for low voltage connections coming in and then the extension cable accessory is used to connect to a run of fixtures.