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Multiple Terminal Block

Multiple Terminal Block



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WAC Lighting

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Product Overview
  • 6 Outputs
  • Black
Easily wire together multiple output connections for a neat under cabinet installation of Puck Lights without the use of open splices. This terminal block is UL listed and carries a 5-year warranty.
This terminal block has one power supply input and up to six output connections for 14 AWG wires.
WAC Lighting
Founded in 1984, WAC Lighting has evolved into a global company that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative lighting solutions with a new sustainable LED collection for residential, retail, hospitality, museum and commercial applications. WAC use the phrase “Responsible Lighting” as the brand standard that reflects WAC’s holistic approach to business, encompassing a deep commitment to responsible eco-friendly manufacturing, extensive research/development, energy saving technology, design aesthetics and altruism, while supporting diversity and goodwill in the local and global communities.

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WAC Lighting
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Multiple Terminal Block
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Question from Al:

If I want to power 8 LEDMe puck lights, I will need the transformer and two of these blocks? I can't wire the lights directly to the transformer?

Answer from Pegasus:

Al, you can wire the pucks directly to the transformers. These terminal blocks are a convenience accessory. They make it easier to store the splices. Yes, you would need two because the block has a limit of 6 connections.

Question from Phil:

I have 1.5 inches between the top of my entertainment center (which is 3/4" plywood) and the ceiling (1/2" drywall.) The width of the space is 8' and the depth is 16". Is this adequate space to install the recessed puck lights and this convenience wiring block? Is there a fire rating concern such as with canned recessed lighting?

Answer from Pegasus:

Phil, I'm not certain exactly how you are wanting to install these fixtures. Puck lights should NOT be installed in ceiling drywall. They are not rated for that use.