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Up Lights

Uplighting fixtures do exactly what the name describes - they direct light upward. Up lights are useful for adding visual interest to a textured surface via wall grazing, for accenting displays, and for creating pools of light along a wall or path. Uplight fixtures are often easily concealed and can be positioned to achieve many interesting lighting effects.

Up Lights - Discreet and Portable Direct Lighting

Easy to Hide

Uplighting is a fantastic method to achieve a dramatic effect with a minimal footprint. Up light fixtures are generally freestanding and less than a foot in height, so you can easily conceal them while shooting a beam of light directly onto the surface you intend to highlight.

Many Lighting Techniques

Flooding a textured wall with uplighting creates an effect known as wall grazing. Alternating spots of intense light and dark shadows enhance the distinctions in the surface, which often makes the display more imposing.

Another direct lighting method using up lights is to use a narrow or spot beam of light to specifically highlight an area. Whether you are accenting an individual piece of artwork, display, or sculpture, your piece will dramatically stand out. You can even place multiple spot uplights along a path or wall to create pools of light.