Under Cabinet Light Bulbs

Already have under cabinet lighting, but your light bulbs need replacing? Welcome to our under cabinet lighting bulbs headquarters! Here you will find a selection of lamps compatible with our under cabinet lighting fixtures including xenon, fluorescent and LED lamps of varying shapes, voltages and wattages. Need help figuring out which bulbs you need? Check our handy dandy light bulb selection guide below.

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HELP! What Under Cabinet Light Bulb Do I Need?

Choosing the right bulb for your under cabinet lights can be tricky, but here are some tips for figuring out exactly what you need.

Light Bulb Selection Guide

  1. Check your fixture for a label with the correct type of bulb listed. It may look something like this one:
    Picture of a label telling you what lamp needed for under cabinet light
    It may be visible when you remove the fixture’s cover or bulb, but sometimes the label is hidden during installation. If this is the case and you don’t want to unscrew the fixture…
  2. Check the original packaging if you still have it. This is the simplest method, but people don’t always keep their packaging. If you didn’t…
  3. Try to find the product online. If you have any kind of receipt or order forms, this will be easy because most retailers, Pegasus included, list product specs on their websites. If you bought your fixture from us, you should be able to find your product easily. But if you don’t have any identification for your fixtures…
  4. Contact us! Our customer service reps might be able to help you figure out what fixture you have and what light bulb you need by describing it. We will do our very best to help you.

Wait, but aren’t light bulbs interchangeable?

Most under cabinet light fixtures are built for a specific type of lamp, and it can be hazardous to use a bulb that the fixture is not designed for. Your fixtures may be compatible with different light sources, but you need to do some research to determine what light bulbs will operate in your under cabinet fixtures safely.

Are xenon and halogen under cabinet bulbs interchangeable?

Yes. Many people prefer xenon over halogen for their under counter lighting because halogen emits much more heat. In the kitchen, where you may keep perishables stored in cabinets or directly below the light fixtures, heat is something to think about. However, you must make sure that when you choose your new lamp that, except for light source, all other aspects about the bulb are the same. This includes, the lamp base, maximum overall length, voltage, shape, etc. For a more in-depth comparison of halogen and xenon, check out this article.