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Door Jamb Light Switch

Door Jamb Light Switch



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Product Overview
  • White switch
  • Brass face plate
  • Rust resistant case
Mount this door jamb light switch in your closet, pantry, or storage area for optimal convenience with a simple, hands-free solution. The light will automatically turn on when you open the door and shut off when you close it.
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Door Jamb Light Switch
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Question from Dave Kalata:

We're remodeling and I have a set of french doors opening into the front door closet (actually 2 closets - one on each side of the front door and both have french doors). I would like to put a door jamb switch on each french door so that either door, when opened, or if both doors are opened, the closet light would turn on. I suppose I could buy 2 of these switches for each closet (4 total), but my electrician has said he's seen a single switch with 2 controllers on it so that it would span across both doors using the one switch. I've not yet seen it and it's needed soon. Does Pegasus sell such a switch for french doors?

Answer from Pegasus:

Dave, No, we do not sell that item. We only carry a traditional door jamb switch. You would need to use one for each door. Thanks

Question from Jerry:

Do you have a door mounted switch that you can turn off when the door is open?

Answer from Pegasus:

Jerry - we have a hinge touch dimmer that might work, depending on what type of light you are trying to dim: http://www.pegasuslighting.com/3-level-hinge-touch-plug-in-incandescent-dimmer.html With this hinge dimmer, you can control the connected light fixture by just tapping the hinge of the door it's wired to.

Question from Doc:

What is the depth or how far does it go back in the jamb?

Answer from Pegasus:

Hi Doc, the light switch has a depth of 1.75in. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!