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Square Trims

If you find yourself craving the modern look that only square recessed ceiling lights can offer, you've come to the right place! Below you will find our selection of square recessed lighting trims. We have square recessed lighting covers you can use in wet locations like the shower, square wall washer trims, square trims with reflectors, and even decorative options for a more stylish option.

Square Recessed Lighting for Eye-Catching Design

Where is the best place to use square recessed lighting fixtures?

Square trims look best in small spaces where they can be the focal point. For this reason they are commonly used in bathrooms, hallways, or above sinks. One of the great things about square recessed downlights is that they are both functional sources of light and attractive as décor!

Why are square recessed light trims more attention-grabbing?

Traditional circular recessed can lights are designed to illuminate a space without attracting attention. That's more or less the reason they are "recessed" in the first place - to be as out of the way and out of the limelight as possible, while still providing great light. But some people like the look of recessed lights, not just their function. Square trims for recessed lighting have sharp angles that not only draw the eye inherently, but can be used in more interesting ways because of their geometrical properties.