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Solar Lights

Why pay an energy bill for your outdoor lighting when free energy shines down on your yard all day long? Our selection of outdoor solar lights is (literally) all you need to enhance the curb appeal and security of your property. We offer an assortment of solar powered LED lamps, spotlights, path lights, shed lights, planters, and hanging basket accent lights, so go nuts! You can save all kinds of money and energy by making the switch to solar power.

Solar Outdoor Lights vs. Conventional Outdoor Lights

Solar energy is already one of the brightest innovations in the lighting world. But is solar outdoor lighting a good fit for you, or should you stick with conventional landscape lighting? Let’s look at some comparisons.


Solar lights are a one-time investment. They are made with LEDs - the most energy efficient light source on the market - so they will never burn out and they will stay bright for years. Since solar lights are totally fueled by the sun, they can never run out of energy! Not only can solar lights reduce your carbon footprint, but they can save you a pretty penny on your power bill, too.

Conventional lights can be very energy efficient depending on the light source and fixture designs, but all of them will inherently use more electricity (and cost more to run) than solar lights. Even the most efficient electrical lights add to your power bill.


People are occasionally hesitant to try solar lighting because it is sometimes less bright than conventional lights. Historically, this is due both to poor design and poor exposure to the sun - i.e. lights kept in a shady place. But technological advances have significantly improved solar powered lighting - to the extent that you would be hard-pressed to find brighter, more functioning lights than the ones we offer!

Since you have a steady stream of energy with conventional lights regardless of weather or shadows, they are the most consistently bright. If this is a huge deal to you, you may want to stick to what you know.


Solar lights charge during the day and typically shine at night automatically. This is a great feature for lovers of convenience, offering you enhanced security and aesthetics at night with minimal effort, thought or energy expense on your part.

If you are really into precision and control, conventional lights may be more up your alley. You decide when to turn them off or on, or you can set them on a timer.