Sloped Ceiling Recessed Lighting Housings

Slope ceiling recessed lighting is specially designed to help you light a room that may prove a little more difficult to illuminate from above. Maybe you have a sloped or angled ceiling in an attic room, or have an A-frame cabin or lake house. Our sloped ceiling recessed lighting gives you the opportunity to create a well-lit, welcoming room and allows you to light nearly any space whether big or small. Sloped ceiling lighting can be subtle, and you can find housings in multiple light sources that you can dim or brighten as your need for lighting the room changes throughout the day.

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Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

A slanted ceiling does present some challenges when adding general lighting to a room. For example, some vaulted ceilings meet in the middle leaving no room for a ceiling fixture. Enter a solution. Sloped ceiling light fixtures help you illuminate otherwise difficult to light spaces. In addition, choosing recessed lighting sloped ceiling fixtures over traditional hanging or ceiling lights might provide more even light throughout your room depending on how the space is laid out.

Sloped or cathedral recessed housings are designed to work with the angle of your ceiling so that the beam of light shines down. While this effect is achievable with standard housings and adjustable trims, a sloped recessed housing offers a cleaner look and more flexibility to adjust the pitch.

Developing Your Lighting Plan

Make a sketch of the angled ceiling room making sure to include any table or floor lamps your currently have or may have in the space. Then, layout where you want the housings to be installed. Keep in mind that a sloped ceiling increases in height toward the middle of the room. A general rule of thumb when laying out recessed cans is that you should divide the ceiling height by two and space your sloped ceiling downlights accordingly.

Selecting the Right Sloped Recessed Lighting Housing

There are different recessed lighting sloped ceiling options available to you. If the slanted ceiling is already installed you will need a remodel housing. These will be installed through a hole cut in the ceiling. Otherwise, you can choose a new construction sloped ceiling housing. This kind of can has bars that adjust and are attached to the ceiling joists.

Many times the area above a vaulted ceiling is insulated. If this is the case, then you will need to select an IC-rated sloped ceiling housing. This will ensure that the heat generated from the light source inside the can will not cause a fire. Finally, you could also choose an air-tight recessed light which restricts any airflow from the conditioned room below flowing through the housing into the non-conditioned space in the ceiling.