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5in Line Voltage Wet Location Shower Recessed Lighting Trim with Drop Opal Glass

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5in Line Voltage Wet Location Shower Recessed Lighting Trim with Drop Opal Glass


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Product Overview
  • Select trim finish
  • Outside diameter 6.5in
  • Order lamp separately
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This five-inch line voltage recessed lighting shower trim is available in several finishes. The drop opal glass creates an interesting effect in an otherwise standard recessed fixture, and the trim is specially designed with a rubber gasket and diffuser to protect the fixture from moisture.
Trim Outside Diameter (in)
Quantity Being Sold
Number of Light Bulbs
Light Source
Natural Metal
Location Rating
Input Voltage
Light Bulbs Included
Light Bulb Shape
1 Year
Recommended Dimmer
Line Voltage
Mounting Type
Recessed Housing
Recessed Diameter
Recessed Trim Type
Decorative Glass
Trim Secures to Housing
Torsion Springs
Light Fixture Type
Recessed Trim
Separate Component Required
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5in Line Voltage Wet Location Shower Recessed Lighting Trim with Drop Opal Glass
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This was not the item I thought it was. The description was not clear enough.

Submitted by |

Shipping and customer service was well above average.

Quality was very good.


From Pegasus:

We have contacted this customer to try and determine what part of our product description is not complete. Unfortunately, we have not heard a response as of yet.

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Question from John Hall:

The outside diameter is a measurement of what? Is it of the glass rim or the entire trim piece?

Answer from Pegasus:

The outside diameter is the outside diameter of the entire trim.

Question from Barbara Hauser:

We have a 20 year Recessed Shower light and broke the plastic light cover. The only number on the shower light is inside the pot light, it stays CJ50045. My husband measured the plastic cover and it is over 5 inches, but under 6 inches. Will this shower Trim work or will the 6 inch one work. I am not sure if you only sell the plastic cover.

Answer from Pegasus:

To determine the nominal diameter of your recessed light, you should measure the diameter of the hole in the ceiling not the trim diameter. Then round down. For example, if the ceiling hole is 5.5in, then it's a 5in recessed light. Trims/housings from different manufacturers are not always compatible and we do not recommend mixing them because it violates the warranty and the UL listing for both products. This trim might fit but it's hard to say for sure without knowing the manufacturer.

Question from Adam hochman:

Hello The casing (the plastic that encases the bulb) on my shower light fixture broke. I was looking at your site but couldn't tell if the above items would be a good replacement, or if you can recommend something else. The opening for the light fixture is 6 inches (the casing is 5 1/2 inches in diameter). Attached are pictures of the fixture and the casing. Can you recommend something from your site that I can buy to replace the current casing? Thanks

Answer from Pegasus:

Adam, What you refer to as the casing is known as the trim. The part inside the ceiling is called the housing It is a good idea to make sure both the housing & the trim are made by the same manufacturer for compatibility and safety issues. Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is of the housing/trim?
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