Shower Recessed Lighting Trims

Though often neglected, shower lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-constructed bathroom, both in terms of safety and functionality. Our selection of recessed shower lighting trims can bring beautiful, functional illumination to your shower, while the built-in glass diffusers and rubber gaskets work to keep moisture at bay. We carry halogen, incandescent and LED shower lighting options, dome trims for even light distribution, and classic reflector or baffle trims that are approved for wet locations. We even have trims specially designed for sloped ceilings, so you can enjoy great shower lighting even in the most unique bathrooms!

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Recessed Shower Lighting FAQs

Q) Can I safely install a recessed shower light in a bathroom that is already finished?
Yes. If you are completing a remodel project and the ceiling drywall is already in place, simply order a remodel housing as an accessory with your recessed shower lighting trim (rather than a new construction housing for the shower light). The LED shower light retrofit modules, which are compatible with most already installed shower light housings, are also a great option for remodel projects if you are replacing existing recessed shower lights. If you are looking for lighting that is energy-efficient and long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with LED shower lights.

Q) How do recessed shower lights block water damage from moisture accumulation?
The glass diffuser and rubber gasket on each recessed shower light trim prevent water from entering the light fixture.

Q) What type of shower recessed lighting trim provides the most uniform distribution of light?
Trims with domed glass diffusers tend to distribute light evenly, so they are great options for recessed shower lighting.

Q) What is the best way to choose between recessed shower trims?
It depends a lot on your preferences! Check out this blog post we wrote about choosing recessed shower lighting.

Simple Shower Safety

Taking a shower in the dark is not only incredibly frustrating, it can actually be dangerous. It is a lot easier to slip and fall, bump your head or cut yourself unintentionally when you are trying to bathe in a poorly lit environment. Recessed shower lighting is one of the best solutions for bathroom illumination because unlike most lighting, it’s rated for use in damp locations so it is safe to use even in wet environments like a shower, bathtub or Jacuzzi®.