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Rope Lights

Light up your space in a beautiful and subtle way with indoor or outdoor rope lighting. Browse our selection of warm white and cool white LED rope light in several lengths, as well as a number of creative ideas and information about how to use and install outdoor rope lighting.

LED Rope Light Applications & Features

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Home

Rope lights can provide great accent lighting. With rope lighting, outdoor and indoor spaces can both be illuminated. Many outdoor rope lighting ideas involve placement in backyards. It can be beautiful around deck railing and outdoor rope light can be used as safety lighting along dark garden pathways and stairways. It can even be mounted to patio umbrellas and some people wrap their trees with white rope lights. With rope lighting, outdoor elements can be turned into a central focus point. These are just some of the many unique rope lighting ideas that can be implemented.

Tip! Check out our Resources section on this page for loads of rope light inspiration!

Residential Indoor Lighting

One of the most common uses of white rope lights is in the kitchen, where they work quite well over cabinets producing a very soft glow throughout the entire darkened room. Toe kick lighting, subtle accent lighting placed in the toe kick area near the floor, is still another way that LED rope lights can add visual excitement to a living space. Moreover, book shelves and small cabinets can glow with the addition of LED rope lights. Installing rope lighting behind cove molding below a ceiling is another popular use. Because it produces a very soft glow this type of rope light installation is especially effective when used as a night light in a child's room.

Here is an example from one of our customers who installed cool white rope light in a cove ceiling. Very nice!

Cool white LED rope light installed in a cove ceiling

You can read more about this customer's project at

Commercial Uses

Outdoor ropes lights can also be used in spaces apart from the home. For instance, it can be used quite effectively as accent lighting around bar areas and in night clubs. Attention can be drawn to store window displays and trade show displays with outdoor LED rope lights. With rope lights, outdoor spaces come alive! They are often used in a whimsical fashion by using them at amusement theme parks and with holiday light sculptures. For more outdoor rope lighting ideas, consider that some architectural details and building outlines can effectively be highlighted by using rope lighting. The uses of outdoor LED rope lights are only limited only by your imagination.

Our Rope Lights

They are very easy to install, cost effective, and can be used almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Our rope lights consist of numerous small LED lights housed in a solid but very flexible PVC plastic tube. Although the LED lights are not meant to be replaced, our LED rope lights are rated for about 25,000 hours of use on average, which translates into more than a decade of normal use. Seventy-five feet of our LED rope light uses a little less energy than a 60-watt incandescent light bulb, which makes it very energy-efficient.

Valuable Rope Light Information

UL 2388 Guidelines for Rope Light

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) published a new set of standards for these flexible lighting products in the fall of 2002. The new standard is known as UL 2388-Flexible Lighting Products. All rope light manufacturers had until November of 2003 to manufacture their product to the old UL 1571 guidelines. Any rope light manufactured after this deadline must meet or exceed all of the new, more stringent standards of UL 2388. Here is a brief summary of the changes required by UL 2388.

No Field Cutting

The cutting and splicing at the site of installation is no longer permitted. All rope light must be pre-cut at the factory and have molded ends that can be easily connected. Installers will now only be able to connect and disconnect molded ends of pre-cut lengths.

120V Product Only

Virtually nothing is said with regard to low voltage rope light in the new UL 2388 standards. Therefore, for the foreseeable future Pegasus Lighting will only offer 120-volt.

SJT Power Cords with Fused Plugs

UL 2388 requires that an SJT heavy duty power cord with a fused plug be used on all rope lighting that is designed for outdoor use but does not require a fused plug for indoor use. Rope light that has an SJT power cord with a fused plug can, therefore, be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Stronger PVC and Less Heat Output

The new UL 2388 has much more stringent testing standards for the clear PVC plastic used in making these flexible lighting products. The result is that the rope light manufactured under these new standards emits much less heat than those made under the former standard.

Mounting System Design

According to UL 2388 any mounting system design must allow the end-user to be able to remove the rope light without using a tool.