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Retail Lighting
Browse a wide variety of retail lighting fixtures, including display lights, showcase lighting, track lighting, energy-efficient LED upgrades, as well as retail store lighting accessories and parts such as dimmers and transformers. Strategically placed light fixtures enhance visual merchandising and ultimately lead to a great customer experience and improved sales. For any lighting questions or help with planning large retail store lighting projects please call our toll-free number to speak to a customer service representative today.

Learn More About Retail Lighting

Retail display lighting is an extremely important factor influencing the success of a store. Utilizing retail lighting fixtures effectively will drive sales and influence customers towards products that you are trying to sell. For instance, effective use of shop lighting fixtures can be used to emphasize products like jewelry. Lighting is also important for the safety of the customers, employees and merchandise. Prevent slips and trips as well as improve loss prevention with well-placed retail display lighting fixtures. Retailers can expect an improvement in sales and safety with carefully planned retail light fixtures.

Retail Lighting for Sales

Ultimately customers choose where they shop and what they buy. Contribute to your company's image and improve your bottom line with attractive arrangements of light fixtures. Retail store displays illuminated by shop lighting fixtures will show off the value of your products. It is important to consider the space that you have to work with when choosing retail light fixtures. Utilizing a display window is a great way to advertise new products or sales, and this can easily be done with specialized lighting fixtures. Retail space lighting layouts should be carefully planned out with the demographic that you are trying to reach in mind, as well as the context of the products you are selling. For example, softer, ambient lighting would be more appropriate for selling candles than for selling sporting goods. There are a lot of options for achieving dramatic effects, which can be used to your advantage, especially when selling expensive items like jewelry. Lighting color temperature is also an important factor in retail situations, because the color temperature effects how attractive the products look.

Retail Lighting for Safety

The safety of your customers, employees, products and property is extremely important. Prevent possible problems with appropriate light fixtures. Retail spaces should all be equipped with exit signs and emergency lights, in the unfortunate event of a fire or other unexpected event. Safety lighting is also important for day to day operations. Keeping walkways well lit will allow customers to see where there is a clear path, and it will allow employees to keep their section clean and clear. Having effective lighting will also protect your property. Hallways or storage areas can be more easily monitored if they are kept bright enough. Products will also be safer when you have the right lighting. LED lighting does not produce as much heat as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and they do not emit UV rays- which can fade decorations and products. Upgrading to LED lights is also a great way to save money over time because LED lights require much less wattage than either incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.