Restaurant Lighting

Browse a wide variety of restaurant lighting fixtures, including LED exit signs, emergency lights, recessed downlights, LED rope light, indirect lighting, display lights, and lighting accessories such as dimmers. For questions on any of our interior commercial light fixtures or for large restaurant lighting projects, please call our toll-free number for personal assistance.

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Learn More About Our Restaurant Lighting Fixtures

Now that we have mentioned some of the interior commercial light fixtures that we carry, it’s time to discuss how they can provide the restaurant lighting effects you desire. In terms of safety lighting, restaurant LED exit signs are a must. The same holds true for emergency restaurant light fixtures and security lights. Once your safety lighting is squared away, it’s time to add more functionality to your restaurant with interior commercial lighting fixtures such as LED step lights and occupancy sensors.

For a combination of both style and function, we have plenty of restaurant lighting fixtures to suit your needs. Add illumination from above with our recessed restaurant light fixtures or ceiling lights. Dress up your walls with some of our beautiful sconces that come in a variety of materials and styles. Bathrooms are very important, and we have numerous vanity lights that come in eye-catching designs. If you want to add accent lighting to the interior or exterior of your restaurant, we have many interior commercial lighting fixtures in this department as well, such as display lights, LED rope lights, and more.

The list of products found in our extensive online catalog continues with replacement light bulbs that can be used in your restaurant lighting fixtures. Whether it’s LED, fluorescent, halogen, or xenon, we have them all. Dimmers are a great way to save electricity and adjust the mood in your restaurant, and we feature these accessories in different colors and designs to match your decor. We have many more accessories to improve your lighting. Restaurants can benefit from the use of color, and we have colored glass light filters to fill this need. You can also rely on us for all of your lenses, lamp shields, mounting accessories, low voltage transformers, and more.