Remodel Recessed Lighting Housings

Each one of these remodel recessed housings is used in projects when the ceiling drywall is already in place. A recessed lighting housing remodel is installed through a cut hole in the ceiling. The can is slid through the hole and then turned to rest on the ceiling itself.

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Installing Remodel Recessed Lighting

Installing a recessed can light in an existing ceiling is a little more involved than when there is no ceiling, but definitely not impossible. It can be a little dusty since a hole must be made in the ceiling but nothing a drop cloth and vacuum cleaner cannot handle. You might need to do some drywall patching too but that depends on the project.

An Easy Recessed Lighting Remodel Project

One really easy project for remodel recessed lighting is to install one where there is already a ceiling light. You will just take down the ceiling light fixture already there and remove the junction box in the ceiling. You might even be able to use the existing hole from where the old light fixture was to install your remodel housing. So, either use the existing hole or make it bigger if necessary, pull the wiring through the hole, connect your housing to the wiring, and then slide the housing through the hole. Install your trim and light bulb if necessary and voila you are done. Well, you might need to clean up the dust.

Installing Multiple Remodel Can Lights

If you are adding new ceiling lights as opposed to just swapping out existing ones then your first step is to layout where you will place your remodel housings. Try to determine where your ceiling joists are, which direction they go, and what electrical wiring you will have access to in the ceiling. Then, draw a diagram of your room and layout your new lights. If you need to bring additional electrical wiring to your planned remodel can locations there are some really cool drills and bits that you put through a hole in the ceiling and then drill holes through your ceiling joists without having to make lots of openings in your existing ceiling. The fewer openings in your ceiling will mean less patching at the end.

Which Remodel Housing Is For You?

What light source would you like to use? An LED remodel recessed light is very energy-efficient and will cost much less to operate and maintain over its life then incandescent, halogen, or compact fluorescent. However, there is a higher initial cost.

Will you have any insulation within 3 inches of your new remodel can? If so, then you will have to go with an IC-rated remodel recessed light. A housing’s exterior that is inside your ceiling cavity or attic will get hot when the light is on. If any insulation were to come in to contact with the housing then you are at serious risk of fire. An IC remodel recessed housing has an exterior wall to protect against this risk.

Two other options in remodel lights are low-profile for shallow ceiling cavities (less than 6 inches in height) and air tight. An air tight can is sealed so that no conditioned air from the room below transfers to the non-conditioned space above.