Light Fixture Type
Light Source
Power Method
Input Voltage
Recessed Diameter
Recessed Housing Type
Recessed Trim Type
Light Bulb Base Type
Light Bulb Shape
Color Temperature
Beam Spread
Color of Light
Light Bulbs Included
CA Title 24
Diffuser / Lens
Energy Star
ETL Listed
LED Manufacturer
Location Rating
Mounting Hardware Included
Mounting Type
Power Supply Required
Replaces Halogen
Replaces Incandescent
Separate Component Required
Trim Secures to Housing
UL Listed
Adjustable Recessed Lighting Trims
Baffle Recessed Lighting Trims
Glass Recessed Lighting Trims
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Reflector Recessed Lighting Trims
Shower Recessed Lighting Trims
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Reflector Recessed Lighting Trims

The shining star of downlight trims is the illustrious reflector trim, which can be used to fill any space with intense, dazzling light. Recessed lighting reflector trims have a smooth, shiny cone that surrounds the recessed lamp and reflects its light. Typically this kind of trim is best suited for places that require extra amounts of brightness, like a kitchen or warehouse.

Why Use a Reflector Trim?

If you are trying to decide between a reflector trim and a baffle trim, there are some important things for you to consider. Though structurally interchangeable in most cases, reflectors and baffles are functionally opposites. Reflector trims amplify and intensify light, while baffle trims subdue and soften it.

It's a lot like the differences between settings on a water hose nozzle - the "mist" and "jet" settings both release water, but they affect the water in very different ways (namely, one refreshes you on a hot day and the other is good at knocking over pails you are trying to fill). The shape of the nozzle settings makes all the difference, and the same is true for reflector and baffle trims.

If you want a lot of bright, intense light, the smooth, shiny inner cone of a reflector trim will do the trick. But if you want gentler light, more suitable for residential lighting, the concentric circles that line the inner cone of a baffle trim will work to your advantage.