Recessed Spot Lights

Serving both residential and commercial purposes, recessed spot lights are an attractive way to apply the principle of layered light. This kind of modern spotlighting can accent displays or wash walls with style yet subtlety. None of the machinery of the lighting fixtures jut into the space you are designing. The trim is smart (if it’s even there!), the swivels are discrete, and the light is bright. You get an elegant look while achieving highly functional lighting. Score.

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Ways to Use Recessed Ceiling Spot Lights

Spotlighting in Multiples

One feature you will see in designer lighting as well as lighting in places like a commercial space is the multiple recessed spot light. In these modern fixtures, you may see up to four or five light bulbs – which swivel independently, of course. Ceiling spotlights are great for creating flexibility with your lighting. You can create a dynamic swath of accent light, which is handy, since many of the things you want to display are not best accented with a single spotlight. A table displaying statues or other decorative objects might benefit from a triple recessed spot light, for example. That way, each displayed item pops the way you want it to.

Residential vs. Commercial Uses of Recessed Spot Lights

Recessed downlights are great for both home and retail display lighting. In the home, recessed spotlights are the perfect way to accent art work. The great thing about them is their flexibility. If you want to bring something your daughter painted to life – to really make the painting special – but then, in three years, decide you want to move things around (not that she would EVER create ANYTHING that wasn’t GENIUS), you will be glad you are able to very easily swivel the spot light. Similarly, design-conscious retailers often use recessed spot lights because their displays are in constant fluctuation. You see a lot of multiple swivel ceiling lights in larger clothing stores, for example.

How Good is LED Recessed Lighting for Spotlighting?

The question is bound to come up. You want to know if LEDs are good for recessed swivel can lights. The answer is absolutely yes. LED lamps are great for display lighting to begin with. They are efficient and bright and come in a variety of color temperatures. They generally pay for themselves quickly with energy they save AND they give you great light. What’s not to like? LED recessed lighting is a solid way to go for recessed spotlighting.