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Browse our selection of reading lights, including wall and headboard mounted fixtures. We have energy-efficient reading lights that use LEDs or traditional bright, crisp halogen lamps that will provide excellent task lighting.

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Reading Lights Tips & Information

With a growing portion of the workforce spending the majority of the day in front of a computer, eye strain is all too common. While you can’t always control exposure to bright screens and/or poor lighting conditions at work, you can control your lighting at home.

Decorative lighting fixtures and chandeliers can add to your décor, but it is crucial to also think about adequate task lighting in any reading areas to avoid eye strain. The bedroom, living room, and study are all great candidates for reading lights.

Wall mounted flexible reading lights are ideal if you are looking for a functional light fixture in a contemporary style. You can even hardwire a wall mounted reading light to power so wires will be completely invisible after installation. The result is bright, focused illumination for reading that blends seamlessly into any room.

For the ultimate in convenience, clip on a battery-operated light to your book or e-reader. These portable reading lights are perfect for traveling and make great gifts.

The next time you get home at night and pick up the newspaper or your latest novel, consider if your reading light is doing its job to protect your eyes from strain. If not, invest in a light fixture that works for you!