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LED Battery Operated Ultra Bright Puck Light with Hi/Lo/Off Push Button

LED Battery Operated Ultra Bright Puck Light with Hi/Lo/Off Push Button



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Rite Lite

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Product Overview
  • High Output LED
  • Install anywhere
  • No wiring needed
  • Press center for power
  • Batteries not included
Illuminate dark areas of your home, office, or workshop with this convenient and easy to install puck light. This ultra bright puck light provides up to 20 times brighter light than standard LED lights and is rated to last up to 100,000 hours. And this puck light features a high and low light setting to provide just the right amount of light for any lighting situation.
  • Includes a magnetic mounting bracket.
Light Source
Power Method
Battery Operated
Color Temperature
Color of Light
Battery Type
Light Fixture Type
Battery Operated Light
Rite Lite
Diameter (in)
Height (in)
Battery Life (hours)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Number of LEDs
Kelvin Color Temperature
Rated Life (hours)
Number of Batteries
1 Year
On/Off Switch
Mounting Hardware Included
Batteries Included
Replaceable Batteries
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4 starsbased on5 reviews
LED Battery Operated Ultra Bright Puck Light with Hi/Lo/Off Push Button
  • (8) 5 star reviews
  • (4) 4 star reviews
  • (2) 3 star reviews
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Do not order

Submitted by |

I searched high and low for a battery operated light for under my kitchen cabinets. This one seemed to be the nicest. Upon receipt we installed the item. Within one hour one fell. It took 4 days for the second one to drop. These are installed with a sticky adhesive. It seems the lights themselves are just to heavy with 3 batteries to stay up.
I attempted to return the defective merchandise but was refused as I no longer have the original packaging, although they can't be resold I was refused anyhow. So if you decide to try these, make sure you keep ALL of your packaging, you will need it.
I have asked customer service to please reconsider but feel I shouldn't have to ask a second time as they are defective and couldn't be resold even if I had the original packaging.

cute style, battery operated

They are installed with a sticky disc and do not stay! Do NOT buy

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Great Product

Submitted by | Austin |

I would recommend this puck light as the brightest I have seen. I originally chose some from a big box store, but they were almost useless, did not light the space well enough. This one does!



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Do Not Buy

Submitted by | Chester |

Don't waste your money! I almost purchased 6 of these lights but decided to buy just but one for a test. Batteries are not included, which is no big deal but it is impossible to open the light in order to insert batteries.
I would have returned it but I made a little scratch mark on it trying to get it opened and returns said it had to be in perfect condition. Too bad they didn't send me a perfect functional light!


Impossible to open

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Submitted by | Richford |

I've been searching and searching for this light and finally found it. Great look, amount of light, battery power and magnetic mount. I have two reasons for 4-star rating. I would prefer a warm light option and Auto shut off.



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Ultra Bright too bright?

Submitted by | Cleveland,Ohio |

This product met every requirement, that I needed.
Other color choices would be better.
The Low light setting is not low enough, sometimes.
Perhaps some sort of light filter?
Pricing was very fair.

See review.

See review.


Second Photo:

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0 questions
Ask a Question

Question from Brad:

How many lumens does this put out?

Answer from Pegasus:

It emits 90 lumens of light.

Question from P:

What's the standby battery life? We only need it for about 10 minutes a day 3 to 5 days a week. How long can the battery last for such usage?

Answer from Pegasus:

When using high quality batteries you can expect about 40 hours of battery life when using the product. For excessive long periods of time, of course that won't be the case. 40 hours translates to roughly a year for your application. Most batteries won't degrade significantly in a year. Exactly how long the batteries will last when the product is not used often is dependent on the batteries you use not the product.

Question from Bill Sexauer:

Can I use NiMH rechargeable batteries with this light?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes but you will likely not get the same battery life compared to alkaline.

Question from Gert Van Moorsel:

What does the magnetic bracket look like and what is the overall thickness of the light with the attached bracket?

Answer from Pegasus:

The magnet is embedded on the back of the light. The thickness would be 7/8 inches thick. The mounting bracket is a round metal piece that has 3M table on the back side of it. You would tape this to the wood/plastic surface and then mount the light to it. This bracket is about the same shape and size (thickness included) as a quarter. So your overall thickness would still be under 1 inch.

Question from John:

What are the dimensions?

Answer from Pegasus:

3-3/8 inch diameter by 1 inch thick.

Question from Dan:

I need two under-cabinet lights for our RV, one over a sink and the other next to the stove. The space is about 3 feet above the surface area. Can this light be used in this environment? If not, do you have one that can withstand the moisture there?

Answer from Pegasus:

Dan, these products are not designed to withstand lots of moisture and heat. It's tough to find battery operated products that can be in those environments, often because the moisture/heat can cause issues with the battery compartments and the plastic.

Question from Nancy Mortensen:

does this set come with a remote? I need one that is wireless, dimmable and with a remote

Answer from Pegasus:

This does not come with an optional remote.

Question from bobbi:

how far apart would i need to put these? That is, how big an area does it light?

Answer from Pegasus:

At a height of approximately 24 inches; the light spread is approximately 12 inches.

Question from Jim Zeunik:

What wattage incandescent bulb does this light compare to?

Answer from Pegasus:

Jim, The LED Battery Operated Ultra Bright Puck Light with Hi/Lo/Off Push Button emits 90 lumens. In general, battery operated lights emit less lumens than hardwire or plug-in fixtures. This battery operated fixture is much brighter than a standard LED battery operated puck light.