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1-Light Kit Xenon Line Voltage Puck Light

1-Light Kit Xenon Line Voltage Puck Light



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Product Overview
  • 2 Attractive finishes
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Surface or recess mount
  • Easy to install
  • Dimmable
  • Cooler than halogen
  • UL listed
Install xenon line voltage puck lights under cabinets, in book cases, or where high quality task lighting is needed. They emit warm white light with excellent color rendering and are simple to install. They are available in complete kits that are easy to link together.

What's Included?

  • Complete Plug-In Xenon Puck Light Kit: we bundle the required components together for discount pricing. In addition to the puck light, the kit includes a 6-Foot Power Cord.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Flexible Connectors: use when expanding your kit with additional puck lights. Also can be used to expand distance between power cord and puck lights.
  • Hardwire Box: use to convert plug-in kit to a hardwire kit
  • Replacement Power Cord
  • Replacement Light Bulbs
  • Extra Pucks: for expanding kit. A flexible connector must also be purchased to link to the kit.
American Lighting
American Lighting manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial, and specialty lighting needs. They strive to be a lighting solutions provider by offering customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products.

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UL Listed Badge
Light Source
Power Method
UL Listed
Color Temperature
Warm White
Color of Light
Light Bulb Base Type
G8 Bipin
Light Fixture Type
Puck Light
Voltage System
Line Voltage
American Lighting
Diameter (in)
Height (in)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Kelvin Color Temperature
Number of Light Bulbs
Rated Life (hours)
Input Voltage
Recommended Dimmer
Durable Plastic
Mounting Type
Power Cord Included
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4 starsbased on6 reviews
1-Light Kit Xenon Line Voltage Puck Light
  • (8) 5 star reviews
  • (4) 4 star reviews
  • (2) 3 star reviews
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Great product

Submitted by | Sade City, Fl. |

This is the product I have been looking for and it is perfect nice and bright

Great value for the money

I have no con the cord is plenty long enough it was perfect

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Good single light for undercabinet.

Submitted by |

This individual xenon light puck worked fine for an undercabinet light where we needed just a single 20W light. We dim the light using a Lutron Diva wall switch that is wired to the outlet where we plugged in the puck. It dims nicely without issues. We would prefer a light that is 2800K or less, but this puck comes with a 3000K bulb making is slightly whiter than our undercabinet light bars that use 2800K bulbs. So, we plan to change the puck bulb to a 2800K bulb to take care of this issue.

Nice looking black puck with diffuse lens. Installed easily. Dims nicely.

Comes with a 3000K bulb that is whiter than we like, and so we will need to buy a different bulb.

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4 puck kit

Submitted by |

Kit worked well. The electrical connections are a plus. However, after drilling a 2-1/8 hole for recessed mounting, the hole needed a bit of enlarging in order to install the puck. All things considered I am happy with product. Will probably use again.



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Perfect lights for my application

Submitted by |

I was building open shelf display cases and needed a small light that I could recess and also run on line voltage. These displays were built into the walls and I really didn't want a low voltage transformer behind the sheetrock. Technical support steered me towards these units and they provide fantastic light on the dimmer switches and run much cooler than halogen options.

Recessed, line voltage, cooler operating temps


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Great little light

Submitted by |

Woks great puts off good light in display case keeping the heat down.

Small and compact. Bright but not too bright. Keeps cooler than halogen.

One so far

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Nice - but light color is very disappointing

Submitted by |

The pucks installed well, they seem very well made. However, the light they produce is not yellowish like halogen, or even whiteish like halogen or some LEDs, its really pretty darn blue. I wish I'd have purchased a halogen solution, the light these produce is pretty unattractive.

Well made. Easy install.

Overly blue color output.

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0 questions
Ask a Question

Question from Steve:

I would like to install under cabinet in a recessed format. Would there be too much heat build up to use this installation method?

Answer from Pegasus:

You can recess these puck lights. The manufacturer advises to only recess them if the top of the cabinet is open, allowing proper ventilation.

Question from Tatum:

Can you change the light bulb wattage? And is it a halogen light bulb?

Answer from Pegasus:

You can use a lower wattage light bulb. No, it's not halogen. The light source is a xenon light bulb.

Question from Ken Jasper:

I note in the reviews that a couple people thought the color temperature on the included bulbs was too high. I'm intending to use these inside glass door curio cabinets and I really don't want the color to be too blue. Are lower color temperature bulbs available for these fixtures? I can't seem to find any online.

Answer from Pegasus:

Ken, the included light bulbs have a color temperature of 3100K, which is still considered warm. It is certainly less warm in appearance compared to halogen or standard incandescent but it is not considered a cool light source. Xenon light bulbs in general have the same color temperature of around 3100K.

Question from Darren:

I am working on my bathroom and am installing a mirror with out a light. I have a soffit that is about 13 inches deep and 48 inches long. My idea was to put in three of these lights instead of an outside lighting fixture. Would these lights be okay installed into the soffit ? There is no installation in the soffit number one. I would like to hardwire these to the main light switch too. Any thoughts on this? Thank you

Answer from Pegasus:

Darren, I would not recommend puck lights for installing in a soffit since it's part of the ceiling. Too much heat will cause issues with the light fixtures. Instead, I would recommend one of our mini recessed lights - http://www.pegasuslighting.com/miniature-recessed-lighting.html

Question from Steve:

How many of these can be connected to one 15 amp switch?

Answer from Pegasus:

Steve, In general, 15 amp circuits can have a max load of 1440W. The max number of puck lights on a single run is 10, which is a total of 200W. That is well below the wattage acceptable load on a 15amp circuit. However, it's important to determine what else is on the same circuit as your 15amp switch before determining how many puck lights you can safely add.

Question from Chris:

Can this light be surface mounted facing upwards on top of kitchen cabinets? Not sure if heat would be an issue in upwards position.

Answer from Pegasus:

Chris, According to the manufacturer, the product will not last very long if you install it pointing up as you describe. The item is designed to be pointed down and heat would cause the lamp to burn out quickly and possibly the face would melt.

Question from Tony:

Is it possible to order just the cover and glass for this light? I have this light, but my cover and glass are broken. Please let me know if replacement parts are available. Thank you.

Answer from Pegasus:

Tony, Please give our customer service a call 800-392-4818 and ask to speak to Robin. We have an extra cover in either black or white that we can send you. We will not charge you for the cover but would ask for $4.99 for shipping. Hope this helps!

Question from Lexi12:

I would like to install these in a glass kitchen cabinet that goes to the ceiling. Aim is to hard wire to existing 120v Romex cable that comes from a switch. They would be recessed into the ceiling at the top of the cabinet. Probably two per cabinet in series. Would this work?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, as long as the top of the cabinet you are installing is not completely enclosed. You must use the hardwire box to connect the puck lights to the electrical wire. Please note this warning from the install instructions for recessed installations CAUTION! Risk of fire! Install as recessed only where top of cabinet is not enclosed.

Question from Sandy Jenkins:

I have 3 of these puck lights installed underneath my kitchen cabinets. One has gone out and I can't figure out how to remove the section to replace bulb. Can you give me instructions? Thanks.

Answer from Pegasus:

Sandy, Check out page 2 of the installation instructions under the section To Replace Bulb http://site.pegasuslighting.com/pdfs/xenon-lighting/xenon-line-voltage-puck-lights-install-instructions.pdf Please let us know if you have any issues replacing the lamps.

Question from Joey:

How many flexible connector wire lengths can be connected together in case I need to run wire more that 24in for example? Like can I connect two or three 24in lengths together to get from one puck to another that is spaced far away? Example, puck A needs to connect to puck B that's 72in away, so can I use 3x 24in extenders?

Answer from Pegasus:

Joey, That's not a problem. The limit is interconnecting 5 cables.

Question from Drew:

These can be hardwired and linked together, correct? I am considering purchasing these for under cabinet lighting. My specific setup already has the Romex under the cabinet attached to a switch. I can just connect one to the Romex and then link the others, right?

Answer from Pegasus:

Drew, Yes, they can be hardwired and linked together. To hardwire, you'll first need a hardwire box, which will connect to the household NM wire. Then, the puck lights connect to the hardwire box and can be linked together with their attached electrical leads. Note the leads are 3in long. If you need more space between the hardwire box and puck lights, then you'll also need flexible connectors.

Question from Ronnie:

Thank you for your quick response to my question earlier this morning re halogen lighting for my curio cabinets. I am also thinking of using your xenon PLVPX-80-BK kit. I like the idea of a plug-in dimmer (your PALTPD-PI). I have two questions: The dimmer has three positions. Does it also have an off position? I'm sure it does (what engineer would design one without it?) And also in the zoom picture of the dimmer I see a BARE terminal sticking in the top of the dimmer. Line Voltage? Again, thank you for your help.

Answer from Pegasus:

Ron, Thank you for the questions! Yes, the dimmer has 3 lighting levels and then off. The dimmer plugs into a 120V outlet, then the puck light kit would plug into the side of the dimmer. There is a touch pad that is connected to the dimmer via 8ft leads. You simply tap this touch pad to dim and turn off.

Question from John Coughlin:

Hi, what size hole do I need to drill for this and how many fixtures come in a kit?

Answer from Pegasus:

John, We offer several choices for these puck lights. 1. You can choose from our 1-, 2-, or 4-puck light kits. These include everything for a plug-in installation. 2. You can also build your own kit or expand one of our kits with the components on the accessories. The cutout hole should be 2-1/8in (see installation instructions for more info).

Question from Matt:

I was considering these as accent lights in a walk in closet. Would that be wise? Also, can these be hardwired?

Answer from Pegasus:

Matt, Yes, these will be great as accent lights in a closest. Yes, they can be hardwired. A hardwire box is required (see accessories tab).

Question from John:

These lights get awfully hot. Are they designed to be left on for an extended period of time? They will be used in a glass faced enclosed cabinet.

Answer from Pegasus:

John, These puck lights are designed for applications such as an enclosed cabinet and I do not think you will have any issues.

Question from Gail:

Can I install the xenon puck light inside a wall cabinet with glass doors?

Answer from Pegasus:

Gail, Yes, these puck lights will work very well in your application.

Question from Larry:

I'm planning to order a 2 puck kit. How do these connect to the power source; 115v cord/plug? If so how long and what color is provided?

Answer from Pegasus:

Larry, A 6-foot power cord is included with each kit. A black power cord is included when you select the black finish puck lights. A white power cord is included when you select the white finish puck lights.

Question from MJ:

I have these installed already but will have to cut the supply line off inside the puck as I cannot access the back wall. Can I rewire them?

Answer from Pegasus:

MJ, Yes, I would expect that you could rewire them. However, you need to make sure you are following electrical codes when doing so.