Portable Display Lights

Setting up a table top or pop-up display that will only last a short time? Looking to achieve the most convenient set-up and breakdown possible. The star of this efficiency show are clamp-on, portable display lights. Screws? Don’t need ’em. Drill? Don’t need it. Clamp lights can attach super-easily to the tops and sides of exhibit booth walls, shelves, or anything rectangular. You might exclaim, “But this is an industrial exhibit space! There aren’t booth walls – only a bunch of pipes!” Relax: We have pipe-clamp display lights, too.

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Lighting for Portable Table Top and Modular Pop-up Displays

Light Sources

Portable display lights include halogen and LED light source options. Halogen is a solid choice because halogen lamps will render colors perfectly. If art is being displayed being able to see the artwork’s true colors is a major positive. LED lamps are much more energy-efficient. While they do not have a perfect color rendering index (CRI), they do have a high CRI which still ensures that colors will look great.

Fixture Types

Most clip-on display lights are arm lights that plug into the wall socket, although there are also many battery operated LED options. After deciding between plug-in or battery operated, think about whether you want fixed arm, telescoping arm, or flexible arm fixtures. Will you use your clip-on lights to light pictures one week and shelved items the next? Maybe you need some “flexibility” in your portable fixtures. Or are you lighting the same portable display in different locations each week? Maybe fixed arm lights are perfect for you.