Plug-In Under Cabinet Lighting

It does not come much easier. An under cabinet light fixture that plugs directly into a regular power outlet. Plug-in under cabinet lights can be really useful for kitchens where hardwiring is either not an option or is impractical. Moreover, plug-in under cabinet lighting is a favorite of DIYers looking to revamp their kitchen on a budget and without hiring professional help. Take a look at our selection of handpicked under cabinet lights that plug in and make sure to view our installation video showing one of our employees installing plug in under cabinet lighting for an easy upgrade to her kitchen task lighting.

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Fun Facts about Plug-In Under Cabinet Lighting


Did you know that most of our plug-in lights are also linkable? That means all your under cabinet lights can plug into each other, and only one connection to the power outlet is required. Not only is this safer, it frees up your outlets for other important things and keeps exposed wires to a neat minimum.

Shhhh…Hidden Outlets

Most kitchen cabinets have a hidden outlet built into the space above hanging microwaves where the microwave is plugged in. This is often a great place to plug in your under cabinet lights without taking up outlet space away from your kitchen appliances and enables you to hide the cord.

Easy Installation

One of the greatest advantages to plug-in lights is that you might not need to hire anyone to install them for you. You can usually install your own lights with basic power tools.

Watch our instructional video to learn how easy installing plug-in under cabinet lighting can be.

We have also laid out step-by-step installation instructions in this blog post: