Light Fixture Type
Light Source
Power Method
Input Voltage
Recessed Diameter
Recessed Trim Type
Light Bulb Shape
Color Temperature
Beam Spread
Light Bulbs Included
Location Rating
Mounting Type
Power Supply Required
Replaces Halogen
Separate Component Required
Trim Secures to Housing
UL Listed
Adjustable Recessed Lighting Trims
Baffle Recessed Lighting Trims
Glass Recessed Lighting Trims
Pinhole Recessed Lighting Trims
Reflector Recessed Lighting Trims
Shower Recessed Lighting Trims
Square Recessed Lighting Trims
Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Trims
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Pinhole Recessed Lighting Trims

If your lighting project requires a bit more precision than afforded by the average can light, your quest for the perfect trim ends here! Our selection of pinhole recessed lighting trims are capable of concentrating your ceiling light into a single cascading beam, either proudly projected by a smooth interior or softened by a baffle.

Why Use a Pinhole Trim?

Pinhole downlights are basically mini indoor spotlights. If you are trying to highlight something with a very precise beam (say, a work of art or an object in a display case), a pinhole light trim may be all you need to make your dreams come true. These puppies are good for really focusing light from above onto a particular spot below without much "spill light." If you are more of a visual learner, you may find our little illustration below helpful.Image showing pinhole trim vs standard trim