Picture Lights

With the right lights, pictures and photographs can achieve gallery quality appearance. Bring attention to your fine art with picture lights, and highlight the rich details and vivid colors of the artwork. Mount any of these small lights to your wall over the image itself and choose between plug-in or battery powered models. Picture lighting is simple to install and it will really make your artwork “pop”. In fact, check out this customer lighting project to see these decorative lights in action. Choose from LED, halogen, or incandescent light sources. Lighting is an art in and of itself and the appropriate lighting can transform any space.

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Creative Lighting with Picture Lights

Where to Install

Generally, wall-mounted picture lights are installed directly above the artwork so that the distance between the light fixture and the wall hanging is small. They may be flush with the frame or the art picture lights may be extended above it with a curved arm. Ceiling-mounted picture lights, however, are typically in the form of adjustable recessed lighting fixtures. One or two recessed wall picture lights can illuminate each piece of artwork or display in a very subtle way.

Light Sources

Our selection of picture lights include halogen, incandescent, and LED. While halogen is actually a type of incandescent light source we make a distinction because of the addition of halogen gas into the glass envelope. Halogen and other incandescent picture lights render colors perfectly. However, they do emit more radiation than LED. Radiation is an issue because it can damage artwork over time. LED lamps are also energy-efficient, so that is a big bonus. Finally, all three of these types of lamps have dimmable options.

Power Sources

The next major classification involves the power source. It is important to determine if it is possible for you to hardwire the light fixture to power – this requires access to the “back” of the wall. This is by far the most unobtrusive way to incorporate picture lighting. It lights pictures in a way where you won’t see any power cords at all. If you would rather plug it into a nearby outlet, we have a variety of light fixtures with eight or ten foot power cords (you can always hide the excess cord line behind the frame). Finally, battery operated picture lights are completely cordless, easy to install, and inexpensive.

Customer Art Lighting Project

This dramatic image rotates every few seconds to show how two 4in Low Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims with fully Adjustable Elbows transformed this customer’s dark wall hanging into a well-lit work of art. (In your actual setting you may also want to use a dimmer to control the amount of accent lighting to provide the perfect ambiance you want to create.) Read more about this customer’s art lighting project on our blog: Customer Lighting Project – Thomas Kinkade, Before & After.

Rotating image of picture light turning on and off over wall painting