Pendant Lights

Browse our pendant lights for decorative lighting above your kitchen island, sink, or entryway. Choose from mini pendants and larger sizes to suit your space. Pendants are an excellent choice for adding personality to your home or business.

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How to Hang Pendant Lights Like a Pro

One of the most popular spots to hang pendants and mini-pendants is above a kitchen island, but sometimes getting the layout right is tricky. Check out these tips for figuring out the best height and placement for pendant lights:

For an island with no seating: The light should hang about 30 inches above the counter. This will provide adequate lighting for chopping and reading recipes. The general rule here is to think about where the light will hang in relation to your height. You don’t want to reach across the counter and be hit in the head! Most islands are about three feet tall, so an extra 30 inches would place the light at five feet six inches. If you’re much taller and will be working at the island, you’ll want to tweak the height of the pendant light accordingly.

For an island with bar stools or chairs: Make sure the light is not in your line of vision when sitting at the island. Pendants typically provide a nice glow, but when they are hung too low, the glare is very unpleasant. For an island with chairs, the lights should hang a bit higher: about 36 to 40 inches above the counter.