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Torsion Spring Mounting Ring for LED Retrofit Modules

Torsion Spring Mounting Ring for LED Retrofit Modules



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Nora Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Use with NLEDR-6 series
  • For 6-inch housings
  • Easy installation
The torsion spring mounting ring allows 6-inch Nora retrofit modules to install in housings or frame-ins without torsion spring brackets. The ring can be held in place with spring clips, screws, or friction blades.
  • Installs in "L" and "P" style 6-inch recessed housings and "L" style 6-inch frame-ins.
Nora Lighting
Among the industry's leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and residential applications, Nora Lighting products have become benchmarks for innovation, quality, and new energy-efficiency standards. For over 25 years, Nora Lighting has been committed to excellence by building a strong reputation as a leader in quality, value, customer service, and innovation.

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Nora Lighting
Torsion Spring Mounting Ring for LED Retrofit Modules
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Question from Omer:

How does this adapter need to be secured in the can? My can lacks the torsion spring ears, that's why I need it, but it also does not have any holes or screws to hold any adapter.

Answer from Pegasus:

Omer, this bracket will attach to a can via spring clips, screws, or friction blades.

Question from Matt:

Will these work with Lightolier 6-inch housings?

Answer from Pegasus:

Matt, It may fit but the only way to know for certain is to test it. This product is specifically designed for use with Nora Lighting LED retrofits installed in L or P style 6in housings.

Question from Judi:

We have a can light now and are trying to install an LED light. It states in the directions to put the torsion springs into the mounting bracket - is this what we mount inside the can light hole before installing the LED light?

Answer from Pegasus:

Judi If your LED light has torsion springs AND your recessed can DOES not allow for the installation of torsion rings, then yes, this adapter will allow the installation of your LED light in 6-inch cans.