Night Lights

Here is an easy way to make your home safer and more secure for both adults and children. Night lights! Our LED selection includes plug-in, motion activated, hardwired and battery operated. Any well-designed home has at least one or two LED nightlights. Browse our selection and read even more about why LED night lights rock below.

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LED Night Light Tips & Information

LED Night Lights

They are small lighting devices that offer a great balance between enough light to move around the house in the middle of the night and too much light to keep anyone awake. The area being lit is generally very small and the amount of light emitted is usually quite dim. The perfect places to use night lights are bathrooms and bedrooms, especially a nursery or kid’s room. Many children and parents derive a sense of security from their use.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Bathroom night lights and nightlights for kids rooms are quite often the most popular amongst customers. However, they can also be found in hallways, kitchens, family rooms, and even laundry rooms or other major entry points inside your home, like a foyer. In fact, many doctors recommend using a night light as a preventive measure for older adults to reduce the risk of falling.

An Array of Choices

There seems to be a never-ending selection of different types of LED night lights.

  • Plug-In Night Lights – These are very functional and simple and probably what most people think of when they think of a night light. LED plug-in lights are extremely easy to use. Just plug them in to an existing wall outlet and they do not consume much energy at all. Some have rotating shades that allow you to direct the LED light on a wall or towards the floor. In addition, many have photocells that turn the night light on and off automatically based on the light levels in a room.
  • Motion Sensor Night Lights – Ever struggled to find your keys coming home at night or want to light up a room or hallway when entering so you don’t trip over something? Then, a motion activated night light might be a great personal choice for you.
  • Battery Operated – No free outlet? Don’t worry, just stick one of these LED nightlights to your wall. They are usually very easy to mount and use small AA, AAA, or lithium coin batteries. Some can even be used outdoors, like next to an exterior entry point for added safety and security.
  • In-Wall – Looking for that seamless look? Replace an existing wall outlet with an in-wall night light. These are very easy to install in an electrical box and are a really great hallway path light or step light.
  • Integrated Face Plate – Get the look of an in-wall night light without the need for modifications. Simply replace your existing face plate with one that has an integrated LEC light for a soft and soothing glow.

Very Little Power Used

Most night lights use either a small incandescent light bulb or LEDs as their light source. A major benefit of an LED night light is that they use very little power (less than 1 watt) and are long-lasting. An incandescent night light usually consumes about 5 watts of power. Finally, there are decorative night lights that use a translucent shade with a small reproduction of a work of art and others that are simply small features of larger light fixtures, like a bathroom exhaust fan with night light.

Great for Children

If you come to my house, we have night lights everywhere. We love them! We especially love them in our kids’ rooms. Toddlers and children up to 6 years old are most prone to night terrors and an LED night light can help stave off those bad dreams. We even take them with us when we travel, just packing them in our bags. They are nice to use to help us get around a dark hotel room and help our kids sleep better in a strange place. As you can see, LED nightlights for kids rooms can come in handy for both kids and adults in various situations!

Is it a Nite Lite or Night Light?

Here is something that I have always wondered. Why do I see night lights spelled so many different ways? Many times night is replaced by nite and light replaced by lite in differing combinations (e.g., nite light, nite lites, night lite). Well, after a little research, I have found at least one reason. According to Grammar Girl, during the early 1900’s there was a push to simplify the spelling of words in the English language. President Theodore Roosevelt even tried to mandate government documents use simple spellings of words. Even though Congress rejected this mandate, many of the suggested spellings have become standard ones. A commenter on Grammar Girl’s website stated that the first time nite was recommended was in 1906 in the Chicago Manual of Style, the “Chicago Style,” and that it was an attempt to save money in newspaper printing. You can read more here.