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24-Watt 22-7/8-Inch 3000K Warm White High Output Microfluorescent Adjustable T5 Grounded Light Fixture

24-Watt 22-7/8-Inch 3000K Warm White High Output Microfluorescent Adjustable T5 Grounded Light Fixture


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Product Overview
  • Rotate shield 360°
  • Very low profile
  • Linkable
  • 3-Wire grounded
  • Energy-efficient ballast
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A grounded, 3-wire, microfluorescent T5 light fixture with a high output lamp, offering 70% more lumens than standard T5 light bulbs, and the added benefit of a 360 degree rotation adjustable light shield. A great fixture for both home and commercial settings - use as backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting, desk lighting, display case lighting, exhibits, merchandising, over cabinet lighting, shelf lights, showcase lighting, task lighting, trade show lighting, and under cabinet lighting.

What's Included?

  • Complete Unit: includes a T5 fluorescent lamp, acrylic cover, a 6ft power cord with a three-prong grounded plug, one direct connector, and mounting clips & screws
  • Connecting to Power: can either plug-in or hardwire directly to power. To plug-in, use the included power cord. To hardwire, a hardwire box is required (sold separately)

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Hardwire Box: required for hardwiring to power. Available with or without a switch. A flexible connector must also be purchased to connect the fixture to the hardwire box.
  • Flexible Connectors: available in multiple lengths. These cables electrically link two fixtures together over a short distance or around corners.
  • Replacement Mounting Clips
  • Replacement Linear T5 Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Replacement Power Cord
  • Replacement Direct Connector
Light Source
Power Method
UL Listed
Color Temperature
Warm White
Color of Light
Light Bulb Base Type
Light Bulbs Included
Light Bulb Shape
T5HO Linear
Light Fixture Type
Strip Light
Microfluorescent Light
Voltage System
Line Voltage
Width (in)
Height (in)
Length (in)
Max Run (watts)
Max Run (# of fixtures)
Kelvin Color Temperature
Number of Light Bulbs
Rated Life (hours)
Input Voltage
24-Watt 22-7/8-Inch 3000K Warm White High Output Microfluorescent Adjustable T5 Grounded Light Fixture
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Question from Chris:

I would like to use these lights on top of my kitchen cabinet. I have a low profile valance that I would like to put the lights behind. Can I lay the fixture down on it's side so that the light is hidden by the valance? The valance is only 1in tall so the 7/8 width of this fixture is perfect. The light will be point up to the ceiling and bouncing down into the kitchen.

Answer from Pegasus:

Chris, Absolutely - that is a great use for these microfluorescent fixtures.

Question from Adriana:

I was hoping to use this fixture inside a lizard vivarium. Can the acrylic diffuser be removed, and, if so, will the adjustable light shield still work? Is the light shield attached to the diffuser, or to the fixture itself?

Answer from Pegasus:

Adriana, Yes, the diffuser can be removed. Yes, the adjustable light shield will still work when the diffuser is removed. It is attached to the fixture.

Question from Pete:

I am unclear as to the direct wire-ability of this lamp. Are you saying that it CANNOT be direct wired to dedicated supply wiring and standard on/off light switch?

Answer from Pegasus:

Pete, To hardwire this fixture, you will need a hardwire box and a flexible connector that connects the hardwire box to the fixture. Both items are on the Accessories tab. The fixture itself cannot accept direct wire because it's too narrow.

Question from Nicholas Goodwin:

I want to use this fixture with an HO full spectrum bulb. The fixture would be mounted on a shelf 30in above my desk top. However since this fixture is not being installed onto a wall what should I use as a dimmer? Also I plan on just making it plug into a wall outlet. And will this be a good lighting source for a home desk?

Answer from Pegasus:

Nicholas, Like must fluorescent light fixtures, this light fixture is NOT dimmable. It does make a great light source for a desk because it is bright and easy to mount.