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250W - 12V - Hardwire - Magnetic Transformer - Boost Tap - Magnitude

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250W - 12V - Hardwire - Magnetic Transformer - Boost Tap - Magnitude


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Product Overview
  • Maximum watts: 200
  • Dimmable
  • Boost tap
  • Indoor use
  • 5-Year warranty
  • ETL listed
Need Assistance?
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This 250-watt low voltage magnetic transformer will power your lighting systems. This transformer has a boost tap lead, which can compensate for voltage drop associated with long runs.
Width (in)
Height (in)
Length (in)
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Power Method
ETL Listed
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Voltage Type AC or DC
5 Years
Recommended Dimmer
Magnetic Low Voltage
Power Supply Type
Power Supply Max Load
Power Supply Input Lead Wire Gauge
18 AWG
Power Supply Output Lead Wire Gauge
12 AWG
Over Heat Protection
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250W - 12V - Hardwire - Magnetic Transformer - Boost Tap - Magnitude
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Question from Paul:

Which country is this product made in? Thanks.

Answer from Pegasus:

It is manufactured in Mexico and assembled in the US.

Question from Ewart Martens:

The transformer for my IKEA Norrsken Halogen Cable light system appears to be failing (lights work intermittently, go off or come on their own, wall switch has been replaced). The markings on the transformer state: Input 120 Volts, 60HZ. Output 12V Max. 7 x 20 Watts Am I looking at the right product for a replacement or do you have another suggestion? Thanks for your help.

Answer from Pegasus:

I have a few suggestions. First, you may want to have an electrician test the circuit to verify that it's the transformer. It could be as simple as a loose wire connection in the circuit. Second, yes, this transformer can replace yours. The only concern I would have is dimensions and where you intend to mount it. You may be better off using an electronic transformer because of size.

Question from Siprian Duenas:

Can this transformer work with halogen lights?

Answer from Pegasus:

Absolutely! It will power 12V halogen lights.

Question from Kris:

Can this transformer handle low volt LED puck lights and dim them without flickering? I am aware that I need the proper dimmer as well.

Answer from Pegasus:

Kris, It depends. LED systems have very specific requirements. Check with the manufacturer of the LED system for power supply requirements. This is a 12-Volt AC transformer. Many LED systems require 12-Volt DC instead.

Question from Nick:

What is the thermal shutdown temperature of this transformer?

Answer from Pegasus:

158 degrees F.

Question from Bruce:

Can this be used PM250S-12V, or what do you recommend: to replace my S-Gul 9456-12 Transformer 50-150W electric not magnetic. Use - for 7 puck 18w wedge bulbs under counter. I have replace these bulbs with LED wedge that are dimmable. Light switches being used are dimmable, LOL-OSR3W and a LOL-OS600-W 600W. THE LIGHTS ARE 20 FEET AWAY. Please advise Bruce

Answer from Pegasus:

Bruce, I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of your system, Sea Gull Lighting, and asking them what type of power supply to use for dimming your LED wedge light bulbs. Dimming LEDs can be quite complicated and it might require a certain type of power supply.

Question from Nick:

I want to replace an IKEA halogen cable light electronic transformer because of all the terrible RFI it generates. The output of that transformer is rated at 11.6VDC, 18A, though it does not appear to be a clean DC output, but rather a high-frequency pulse. The bulbs used are pretty standard MR16's, and the cables are fairly heavy, probably #10 AWG. Would this transformer be an adequate, functional replacement for this cable light system that would be free of RFI?

Answer from Pegasus:

Nick, This transformer will power your 12V MR16 light bulbs. You are correct about the high frequency of electronic transformers. That is their main advantage because it allows them to be much smaller in size than magnetic transformers (like this one). The downside is that you can't have very long runs with electronic transformers. This high frequency can contribute to RFI if your run is too long. My concern is that magnetic transformers are quite heavy and large and many cable lighting systems store the transformer in a canopy. You should make sure you have adequate space for it. I also cannot guarantee that your lighting system will be free of RFI if you use this transformer. I think your best bet is to consult an electrician because the light fixture and lamps themselves can affect this. I would think that RFI would be reduced with a magnetic transformer since it will operate at a much lower hz than an electronic transformer AND since it has boost tap to prevent voltage drop.

Question from Paul:

is this rated for outdoor use?

Answer from Pegasus:

Paul, No, to see our outdoor transformers, visit this page: http://www.pegasuslighting.com/outdoor-transformers.html

Question from Robert:

Can this transformer be used for 7, 7W, 12 volt low voltage lights, with a run of about 25 feet?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, you are well below the max wattage for the transformer.