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Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting

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Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting

Light Fixtures / Task Lighting / Under Cabinet Lighting /

Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting

One of our most effective lighting solutions is our low voltage under cabinet lights, which are available in an assortment of xenon fixtures and LED puck lights. Low voltage under counter lighting can often fit better in the limited space under your kitchen cabinets because low voltage lights are typically smaller than line voltage lights, especially when an external transformer is required. Whether you need low voltage strip lighting, puck lights, or a particular power source option, Pegasus has you covered!

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Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lights

What is Low Voltage Under Cabinet Lighting?

The voltage of a regular household electrical socket or hardwire is 120 volts in the US, so anything less than that can technically be considered "low voltage." However, low voltage lights are typically either 12 or 24 volts. The lower voltage makes the wires for these lights safer, since less electricity passes through them, but it also requires the use of a transformer or driver to reduce the amount of volts from 120. We have a wide stock of 12 volt under cabinet lighting, but some of our low voltage products are also 24 volts.

If you would like to learn much more about low voltage lighting check out our helpful content at Low Voltage Lighting.

Why Should I Choose Under Cabinet Lighting That's Low Voltage?

Fixture size. Low voltage light bulbs are usually smaller than regular lamps. This means that low voltage under cabinet fixtures can be a lot less bulky than their line voltage cousins, and can more easily fit in tight spaces like under cabinets. If your low voltage lights have remote transformers, the fixtures will likely be even smaller and the transformer can often be hidden. If the transformers are built into the fixture, the fixtures may not be smaller but you will not have to worry about a separate transformer.

12 Volt Under Cabinet Lighting Customer Project

Picture of new 12-volt strip under counter lighting

Sometimes our happy customers send us photos of their new and improved kitchens. Here is a picture one of our customers in Chicago, Illinois sent us of his new xenon low voltage under cabinet strip lights:

If you want to see more pictures, visit this featured blog post at