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Linkable Under Cabinet Lighting

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Light Fixtures / Task Lighting / Under Cabinet Lighting /

Linkable Under Cabinet Lighting

Did you know you can use linkable under cabinet lights to connect multiple light fixtures together in a chain all powered by the same power source? This is a great solution when access to a power source may be limited. We offer linkable LED, xenon, fluorescent and microfluorescent fixtures, so you have full freedom in the linkable family to choose whatever energy-efficiency, dimmability or color temperature you need. Check out our installation video to see linkable under cabinet lighting being installed in a kitchen.

What are Linkable Under Cabinet Lights?

The major difference between linkable vs. non-linkable under cabinet lights is the male and female ports built into many linkable fixtures. These ports allow power to flow freely between the fixtures, so that only the first one needs to be connected to a power source.

We offer both hardwire and plug-in lights that link together, so you can choose whichever power option works best for your kitchen. Need additional help picking under cabinet lighting? Check out this great article for some tips: How to Choose your Under Cabinet Lighting.

How to Wire Linkable Lights Under Cabinets

Installing under cabinet lights that link is essentially the same process as other lights, except instead of wiring each light individually you only have to do it once! Each light connects together either directly (plugging the male port of each fixture into the female port of the next one) or via a connector cable. These cables are inexpensive and simple to use. For a great resource on how to install under cabinet lights that link, check out the video below that one of our employees made when installing her own lights.

Video: How to Install Linkable Under Cabinet Lighting

Emily from Pegasus Lighting, along with her husband Mike, install plug-in xenon under cabinet light fixtures in their kitchen. This was a relatively easy DIY project for the both of them and when their lighting project was done they loved the new lighting.

If you want to learn more details about Emily’s installation, visit her blog post:

Emily's lights were plug-in, but we also offer hardwired linkable light fixtures. For detailed instructions on how to hardwire under cabinet lights, check out this article: How to Hardwire Under Cabinet Lights.