Linear Light Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting has come a long way from the flickering, buzzing tube lights of yesteryear. Modern technology has improved upon fluorescent linear shape lights and today they remain an affordable choice for bright, energy-efficient lighting. Available in a variety of wattages and color temperatures, we even offer LED linear lamps, all of our T2, T4, T5, and T8 light bulbs were chosen for their proven quality and durability.

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Learn More About Our Fluorescent Linear Light Bulbs

Fluorescent lighting is popular for both commercial and home settings because of the large amount of light that it provides as well as its money and energy-saving potential. A T4 light bulb, for example, uses far less electricity than a standard incandescent light bulb, and it creates a well-lit area for work or play. T4 bulbs are standard in many fixtures, and it is always good to have one or more on hand when it is time to replace them.

Our bulb selection includes a variety of wattages and lighting types. You can choose a low-wattage T4 light bulb with soft white lighting to create a nice atmosphere in an office or home setting. Should you have a retail establishment that requires greater illumination, we recommend T4 bulbs that have a higher wattage. Either way, you will find the fluorescent light bulbs that are perfect for your specific need.

TIP: Did your T12 get the shaft? Back in 2012, the T12 fluorescent light bulb was phased out as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s quest to improve energy efficiency standards. Did you know that you can replace a T12 fluorescent lamp with a more efficient T8? Just make sure to replace the T12’s magnetic ballast with the appropriate T8 electronic ballast.