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16-inch LED High Lumen Under Cabinet Task Light

16-inch LED High Lumen Under Cabinet Task Light


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American Lighting

Rating: 5 Reviews

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Product Overview
  • Samsung LEDs
  • Very low profile
  • Warm white light
  • Dimmable
  • Linkable
  • 35,000-Hour life
  • ETL listed
These under cabinet lights provide cost-effective LED lighting in kitchens, closets, and a variety of other applications. They feature a modular design for maximum flexibility and quick installation.

What's Included?

  • Accessories Included: each fixture includes one 3-inch linking connector for end-to-end transitions and one 3/8-inch cable connector for strain relief while hardwiring to power.
  • Connecting to Power: can either plug-in or hardwire directly to power. To plug-in, a power cord is required (sold separately). To hardwire, use one of the rear knockouts.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Power Cord: required for plugging into power.
  • Linking Cables: available in several lengths. Electrically links 2 fixtures together over a short distance or around corners.
American Lighting
American Lighting manufactures a wide range of lighting solutions for your residential, commercial, and specialty lighting needs. They strive to be a lighting solutions provider by offering customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products.

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ETL Listed Badge
Light Source
Power Method
ETL Listed
Dark Bronze
Color Temperature
Warm White
Light Fixture Type
Under Cabinet Light Bar
American Lighting
Width (in)
Height (in)
Length (in)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Kelvin Color Temperature
Rated Life (hours)
4 starsbased on5 reviews
16-inch LED High Lumen Under Cabinet Task Light
  • (8) 5 star reviews
  • (4) 4 star reviews
  • (2) 3 star reviews
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Lots of light

Submitted by |

I bought a 16 inch fixture to replace an existing xenon fixture. The light output of this LED fixture put the old xenon one to shame. My only reservation is the coolness of the color. The xenon was yellowish whereas these are much cooler. I much prefer this fixture, but would like it a bit less cool. Installation was a snap since it fit nicely with my existing wiring.

Very high light output, easy install, very thin.

Color temp a little on the cool side.

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Great LED light

Submitted by |

I have purchased these fixtures to be used in several closets. They work great. Good amount of light, easy to install and affordable for an led fixture.

affordable, easy to install, bright light


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All good except noise

Submitted by |

These lights are good. My primary disappointment is the buzzing sound when they are turned on - I wish they were silent. A lesser issue is that the plastic diffuser is a bit fussy to snap into place. I am sure that a better design is possible if someone cared enough to put some thought into it. I do not know if the noise level is pretty much standard for LED lights of this type or not, but now that I know buzzing noise is an issue, I would spend more time investigating that factor before purchasing if I had to do it all over again. I would be curious to know if noise level is a specification that can be known and if that varies much between manufacturers and models.

Cost, color, size, installation are pros.

Buzzing noise level and fussy diffuser mechanics are the cons.

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Good value at the right size.

Submitted by |

I chose these fixtures, because they were offered in almost (close to) all of the sizes I needed to fit my cabinets, with out having to mix manufactures. They were hard-wireable, they were dimmable, the light color was listed as 3000K, and the price was some of the cheapest that I had found.

%u2022 Price %u2022 they were hard-wireable %u2022 they were dimmable

_ The light is still not as warm in color as I was hoping they would be. _ The transformers have a slight buzzing sound and buzz even louder when they are dimmed. _ The smaller fixtures were very difficult to hard wire and fit all back into fixture and close. (be prepared for some frustration)

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Takes time to install

Submitted by |

The lights look great once installed and turned on. HOWEVER - Need to give yourself LOADS of time to install them (and since you're in an uncomfortable position if putting them under your cabinets, you'll not enjoy the additional time it takes :) The removable/break-away piece at the back needs to be hammered out before putting the wires through. That's just the beginning. The wiring compartment is very small, so trying to attach the wires from the wall to the wires within the housing, then packing them all neatly away in the compartment and shutting the fixture up is where the fun is. It takes a bit to get it all put together neatly and working at the flip of the switch. But, remember these lights are at least half the price of the other ones (that claim to be easier to install), so that's the price of sitting in the uncomfortable position for an extended period while performing the installation. They're nice once up and working, so hang in there during the installation process!

Nice light both in appearance and brightness in their location. Adds a very nice accent to the kitchen counter.

Not an easy product to install. Just hope they last for quite awhile so we don't have to go through it again for many years.

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Question from Michael S Krivicke:

Hello, Are these fixtures (24in) made by American Lighting (luc- 24- wh) ?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, American Lighting is the manufacturer.

Question from Linda:

Can these under counter lights be hardwired?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, they can be hardwired.

Question from Don Stewart:

A question and a comment; I am the latest reviewer of the LED Contrax and I am a verified buyer. I asked this before, but here is a little more information. LED Complete (PALC) and Contrax (PLUC) are both rated at 3000K. On the American Lighting website it says the LED Complete is 3000K plus or minus 300K. So again, is the PALC warmer or cooler than the PLUC?

Answer from Pegasus:

Both are 3000K so neither is warmer than the other. The +/-300K means that there can be some variance in color temperature among the production runs of the Complete. The same is true for the Contrax and every LED product. It can be very difficult for manufacturers to get the exact same color temperature for every LED so there is often slight variance that cannot be perceived by a normal human eye.

Question from Donald Stewart:

I am trying to decide between the PALC and PLUC lights. Aside from the housing material, steel vs aluminum, and the higher lumens with the PLUC lights, what are the other differences. How many LEDs are in the PLUC housings? Are the diffusers equal in quality? Are the transformers identical in both? What about the humming from the transformers, equal? Or is one quieter than the other? Which housing is sturdier, the steel or aluminum? And lastly the LED's - the PLUC's have the Samsungs and the PALC have the?? - are they equal?

Answer from Pegasus:

Some differences - The PALC series has a higher CRI (color rendering index). Colors will appear more accurate under it's light. The PALC is made out of steel, which is more durable than aluminum. In general the PALC uses fewer watts/fixture. Both have quiet built-in electronic drivers. Both have acrylic diffusers. Overall the PACL is considered the higher quality fixture because it uses fewer watts, has higher quality light, and has a more durable housing.

Question from Carl Karcher:

Is this product compatible with the P043J junction box? If not is there a compatible box?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, they are not compatible. The only accessories available for this item are listed on the Accessories section on the right. There is not a junction box for this light.

Question from Michael:

I am looking at the white fixtures for a new kitchen. Has there been any issue with the lens diffuser cracking or not staying in place?

Answer from Pegasus:

Michael, This is a new product for us and it is made by a reputable manufacturer. We have not heard of the diffuser being an issuer.