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16-foot Color Changing LED 12V Tape Light, Wet Location

16-foot Color Changing LED 12V Tape Light, Wet Location



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Product Overview
  • RGB changing colors
  • Separates every 12in
  • Adhesive backing
  • Field cuttable
  • No soldering required
  • Max run 24ft
This 12-volt color changing LED tape light will enhance you space with creative lighting. You can set it on a stationary color or automatic changing colors in any one of several different modes. It is safe to use in wet locations and is very simple to install and customize to your project's exact length.

Required Accessories Sold Separately

  • One 12-volt DC driver and one 12-volt RGB controller are required for each continuous tape light run. Three types of 12V DC LED drivers are available: plug-in electronic driver, hardwire electronic driver, and hardwire magnetic driver. Be sure to select an LED driver whose wattage rating is equal to or slightly greater than the total wattage of the LED tape light being powered.
  • RGB Controller: controls colors emitted, brightness level, and color patterns of the tape light. Compatible hand held remotes are also available but are not required.
  • Calculating Total Wattage of Run: to determine the LED driver you need, calculate the total wattage rating of your tape light run by multiplying the feet of tape light you intend to power by 2.5 watts. For example, for 16 feet of tape light, you would need to select a driver rated for at least 40 watts (16ft x 2.5W/ft = 40W).
  • Plug-In Electronic: choose from 24- or 50-watt plug-in electronic drivers
  • Hardwire Electronic: choose from 30- or 60-watt hardwire electronic drivers
  • Hardwire Magnetic: choose from 36-, 60-, or 240-watt hardwire magnetic drivers for either 120-Volt (residential applications) or 277-Volt (commercial applications) input voltage systems

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • LED Tape Light Sections: 6-inch and 12-inch sections are available for expanding your run
  • Hand Held RGB Remote: allows for wireless control of LED tape light up to 22ft away from RGB controller.
  • Interconnection Cables: available in five lengths: 2in, 6in, 18in, 36in, and 72in. These cables electrically link 2 sections together over a short distance or around corners.
  • Splitter Cables: Y and X splitters are available. Purchase a splitter cable if you need multiple runs to connect to a single driver or if you need to split a single run of tape light into multiple sections.
  • RGB Controller Extension Cable: 10- and 30-foot extension cables are available for extending distance between LED drivers and RGB controllers
  • Junction Box: required for connecting hardwire drivers PNATL-530HW and PNATL-560HW to tape light
  • End Cap: covers an open end of tape light. An end cap sealed by shrink wrap tube is required for each open end of tape light in order to maintain wet location listing. In dry and damp locations, end caps are not required.
  • Power Line Interconnectors: connect tape light to RGB controllers, which in turn connect to LED drivers. Each reel includes a 12-inch power line interconnector. Purchase additional power line interconnectors if you are connecting a reel to more than 1 RGB controller and driver.
  • Shrink Wrap Tube: available in a pack of 5 for sealing exposed connections made in the field. In order to maintain the ETL wet location listing, connections must be sealed using shrink wrap tube. Each reel includes 5 tubes. Purchase additional shrink wrap tubes if you will be making more than 5 connections.
  • 4-Foot Aluminum Channel: securely mounts tape light to a surface. It is field cuttable.
  • Mounting Clips: additional mounting clips are available in a pack of 15
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CA Title 24
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Tape Light
Nora Lighting
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16-foot Color Changing LED 12V Tape Light, Wet Location
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