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LED Tape Lights

For a flexible solution to any lighting need, you can use flexible LED tape lights, also known as LED ribbon or LED strip lights. These exceptionally low profile LED lights can be taped anywhere with ease, and as if that weren’t helpful enough, they can even be cut into sections to suit your exact dimensions! We offer tape lights suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as low voltage and color changing options.

Six Ways LED Tape Lights Can Change Your Life

An ambitious claim, I know - but LED strip lighting is seriously underrated. Maybe you are not convinced yet, but there are WAY more pros than cons about LED strip lighting. Here's why:

1. Lowest profile ever

LED ribbon lights can fit and hide anywhere, because they are as low-profile as lights come. You can fit some of these light strips in nooks and crannies even your fingers can't reach. Don't tell me that isn't impressive!

2. Outrageously simple installation

Tape lights are manufactured with an incredibly strong adhesive backing that is designed to stick to almost any surface. While you may want to get an electrician's help installing a hardwire LED driver (if you don't want a plug-in driver), mounting the fixtures themselves is literally as easy as taping crayon artwork to the wall. You could even have the crayon artist herself do it - though for best results, adult fine motor skills are recommended.

3. Limitless application

Nearly any place you need lighting, tape lights can help! LED strip lighting is great (and commonly used) for under cabinet lighting, display cabinet lighting, under counter lighting, ceiling lighting (especially in alcoves), and even pools or cars. It is also often used to highlight unique architecture or accent valuables in homes or offices.

4. Breathtaking light options

It is actually impossible to have a lighting need these LED tape lights can't solve - at least as far as color is concerned. They come in cool white, soft daylight, warm white, blue, green, yellow, and red; and as any kindergarten teacher can attest, the entire color spectrum is available to you when you combine the three primary colors. Some of our tape lights are color-changing, so you don't have to commit to any single color. You can even program the lights to flash or change automatically.

5. Exceptional energy efficiency

Are you aware of how much energy you can save using LED tape lights? LEDs are the most energy efficient lights available, leaving even fluorescents and CFLs in their wake. Using LED lights not only makes you a more conscientious citizen, but it can save you a ton of money on your energy bill in the long run as well.

6. Herculean longevity

LED lights are in a league of their own when it comes to rated lifespan. Did you know some LED lights are rated to last up to 22 years? That means no light bulb replacements for two decades. Just imagine how much money and effort that saves you! Why aren't you buying these now?

We also wrote a blog post about these great lights - check it out at

Caught on Tape

Everyone likes a good spoof, right? In the style of a Discovery Channel exclusive report, we have published footage of wild LED tape lights in some of their natural habitats: inside, outside, in homes or office spaces, and all kinds of places you wouldn’t expect.