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12-inch 3000K LED Ultra Bright Line Voltage Linkable Linear Light Fixture

12-inch 3000K LED Ultra Bright Line Voltage Linkable Linear Light Fixture



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Jesco Lighting

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Product Overview
  • Impressive light output
  • Very low profile
  • Linkable
  • No remote driver required
  • Easy to install
  • 5-Year warranty
  • UL listed
This linear light fixture is the perfect choice for residential and retail under cabinet lighting and shelf and cove lighting. This light fixture features ultra bright LED lighting with a non-glare acrylic diffuser to distribute light efficiently. Installation is easy with the included mounting hardware, and a wide variety of accessories are available to accommodate any lighting design.

What's Included?

  • Accessories Included: each fixture includes mounting clips and a direct connector.
  • Connecting to Power: can either plug-in or hardwire directly to power. To plug-in, a power cord is required (sold separately). To hardwire, a hardwire box is required (sold separately).

Required Accessories Sold Separately

  • Hardwire Box: required for hardwiring to power. A connecting cable must also be purchased to connect the fixture to the hardwire box. Available with or without a switch.
  • Power Cord: required for plugging into power.

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

  • Flexible Connectors: available in several lengths. Electrically links 2 fixtures together over a short distance or around corners.
Light Source
Power Method
UL Listed
Color Temperature
Warm White
Light Fixture Type
Strip Light
Jesco Lighting
Width (in)
Height (in)
Length (in)
Beam Angle (degrees)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Kelvin Color Temperature
Rated Life (hours)
5 Years
On/Off Switch
Quantity Being Sold
12-inch 3000K LED Ultra Bright Line Voltage Linkable Linear Light Fixture
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0 questions
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Question from Stephanie:

We need the fixture to hang vertically on a wall, with a mounting clip at the top and the bottom. (Not installed horizontally under a cabinet.) Is that OK for this fixture?

Answer from Pegasus:

Absolutely. You can position it either vertically or horizontally.

Question from Stephanie:

We need an on/off switch on the power cord because the fixture will be hung in a hard to reach location. Does the power cord that comes with the similar Hera Elite fixture work with this one? If not, what would you suggest?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, that power cord is designed specifically for the Hera Lighting fixture. If you need to be able to switch this product, you could have an electrician install a switched outlet OR you could hardwire this product to a wall switch.

Question from Stacy:

What is the height of this fixture? I am wanting it for under the cabinets and need to know how far below the base of the cabinet it will be.

Answer from Pegasus:

It's 1-3/8in thick and 0.75in wide.

Question from Boss:

Do these fixtures operate off of 277VAC?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, they are 120V input only. Thank you.

Question from Luna:

I hope to use these in jewelry display cases. Your 22 3/4 size is just a little too long for my cases, so I am thinking of linking two short lights around a corner. Do these lights produce enough light to brilliantly light high-end jewelry? Cases are 22wide x 20deep x 12high.

Answer from Pegasus:

Luna, absolutely they can be used in jewelry cases. That is one of the many uses for these items.

Question from Karen Miller:

Do line-voltage LED over-the-counter light fixtures operate at higher temperatures than low voltage LED fixtures? I like the idea of not needing a transformer, but the whole reason to get LEDs in my view is reduced heat. Thank you

Answer from Pegasus:

Karen, The answer is it depends. LED systems vary across the board so it's tough to make an absolute statement. Some LEDs generate more heat than others and I suspect that since this line voltage LED light has the transformer/driver as part of the fixture that it would be warmer than the same exact fixture with a remote driver instead. With that being said, it's still going to generate substantially less heat than an incandescent source.

Question from Glenda:

Looking for lights to put on top of kitchen wall cabinets to illuminate the room. Is this your brightest fixture and would it be appropriate?

Answer from Pegasus:

Glenda, Yes, it would be an appropriate use and these are among our brightest LED strip lights. Thanks

Question from John:

I want to connect this directly to the line voltage (not linking) that is already coming out through the wall. In the photo you will see the old low voltage light (transformer is enclosed in the fixture) that is still connected and that we want to remove. Where on the fixture are the connecting wires? My concerns are that the fixture would have to connect in the middle as that is where the wire is coming out of the wall. Also, will we be able to flush mount to cabinet. Hope this is understandable. Thanks.

Answer from Pegasus:

John, to hardwire this fixture, you must use the hardwire box accessory. You will make the electrical connection inside the hardwire box. Then you use a flexible connector (which connects on the end of the light) to connect the hardwire box to the light fixture. Both the hardwire box and the flexible connector are sold separately. You can mount the light fixture using the included mounting clips.

Question from Floyd:

Can these light fixtures be connected together so that they butt each other? I see that the connectors have 6" or 12" cords.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, they can. Each fixture includes (1) direct connector for end-to-end linking.