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Flood, 2700K - 6W - 12V - 50W Replacement - LED Light Bulb - MR16 - GU5.3 Base - LitetronicsPegasus Lighting BBB Business Review

Pegasus Lighting BBB Business Review
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Flood, 2700K - 6W - 12V - 50W Replacement - LED Light Bulb - MR16 - GU5.3 Base - LitetronicsPegasus Lighting BBB Business Review


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Product Overview
  • Replaces 50W halogen
  • GU5.3 base
  • RoHS compliant
  • Narrow flood or flood
  • 25,000-Hour life
  • 3-Year warranty
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Replace 50-watt standard halogen light bulbs with this LED MR16 bulb that uses only 6-watts of power and lasts three times as long. This LED bulb features a crisp white light and a smooth beam pattern. This 6-watt LED bulb is designed with a thermal breeze convection airflow system to ensure the bulb stays cool and continues to operate problem-free.
Diameter (in)
Length (in)
Max Overall Length (in)
Max Overall Diameter (in)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
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Kelvin Color Temperature
Rated Life (hours)
Light Source
Input Voltage
Color Temperature
Warm White
Color of Light
Light Bulb Base Type
GU5.3 Bipin
Beam Spread
Light Bulb Shape
3 Years
Replaces Halogen
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Flood, 2700K - 6W - 12V - 50W Replacement - LED Light Bulb - MR16 - GU5.3 Base - Litetronics
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Why did I wait so long?

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Just finished trading out those HOT halogen bulbs in 6 recessed ceiling fixtures in the kitchen. The result is very, very positive. The halogen bulbs would twinkle off and on in the summer months as the attic temperature rose. So, I am going from 210 watts to 36 watts with these LED bulbs. Very pleased. Thanks Pegasus for posting the dimensions of this bulb on your website.

Low wattage, very bright light, cooler than halogen.


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PIAA light application

Submitted by |

So far, so good! Mounted on the fork, incandescents lasted well there, so I don't have any life expectancy concerns. They pull about 1 amp as opposed to about 8 with incandescent/halogen lights. Totally cool after being on for hours. VERY bright.

Low current draw Cool operation Well built (robust aluminum housing) Long life (expected, anyway)

Not cheap

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Question from Ron:

As in some of the other posted questions I too have track lighting with MR16 halogen bulbs. I have read that LED requires a transformer or resister. Do I need anything other than the bulb to work in my track lighting?

Answer from Pegasus:

Ron, No you do not need any other components. If your track light uses 12V halogen MR16 light bulbs then it already has a transformer that steps down the line voltage to 12V, which is what this product needs.

Question from Barbara:

Can I use this to replace a 120v halogen GX5.3 base indoor spot?

Answer from Pegasus:

If your fixture allows for a GU5.3 base than yes. However, if it only accepts a GX5.3 base than no. They are not interchangeable.

Question from Willis David:

Can this bulb be dimmed from a wall dimmer switch? Can this bulb be used for a replacement in a track light fixture that originally used a Philips, 50 Watt, MR16, Halogen, flood bulb?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, it's not dimmable. Yes, it can be used in your track fixture.

Question from jorge:

I need 10pc of the 12 Vlt 50w MR16 , do you have a 10 pc pack deal?

Answer from Pegasus:

Jorge, I'm sorry but we do not offer a quantity discount for 10 pieces. Please check out all of our coupons here - http://www.tjoos.com/Coupon/152084/Pegasus-Lighting

Question from Martin Eldridge:

I have over 20 landscape lights which currently use 50 watt halogen MR16 bulbs. I would like to replace all of the halogen MR16 bulbs with MR16 LED bulbs. You state the light can be used in outdoor landscape lighting, but it should not be used in a totally enclosed fixtures. All of my fixtures are enclosed to protect the bulb and wiring inside the fixture. Why can't the MR16 LED bulb be used in an enclosed fixture?

Answer from Pegasus:

If it's used in a totally enclosed fixture the light bulb will get too hot, thus shortening the life of the LEDs. You need to use an MR16 suitable for outdoor use AND totally enclosed fixtures for best results.

Question from Dave:

Can it be used outdoors in a sealed flood light Malibu lighting system?

Answer from Pegasus:

It can be used outdoors. It should NOT be used in totally enclosed light fixtures.