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3100K Warm White Solar LED Spot Light

3100K Warm White Solar LED Spot Light


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Gama Sonic

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Product Overview
  • Adjustable focus lens
  • Auto dusk-to-dawn
  • Solar-powered
  • No wiring required
This solar-charged spot light features bright LEDs perfect for illuminating trees, shrubs, signs, a flag pole, or your home. The lens can adjust to either a narrow or a wide beam. This spot light includes a detachable solar panel that can be mounted up to 8-feet away for optimum sun exposure.
Light Source
Power Method
Color Temperature
Warm White
Color of Light
Battery Type
Light Fixture Type
Solar Light
Gama Sonic
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3100K Warm White Solar LED Spot Light
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Question from Lorna Danicek:

I have a wide tall tree. 35 to 40 ft. high. I recently bought a Hampton Bay High Powered Solar Spot Light. It is 70 lumens. While I do like it, I still don't feel that it is putting out enough light, so I am disappointed in that. How many lumens would you suggest for a tree this size? Thank You

Answer from Pegasus:

Lorna: Our customer service reps did a little research and found that professional landscapers recommend using a 75-watt MR16 lamp with a 36 degree beam spread to light a 40ft tall tree. But they also suggest using 3 uplight fixtures placed around the trunk of the tree to achieve an even amount of light around the top of the tree. If using 3 uplights then 50-watt MR16s 30-degree beam spread can be used.

Question from CBC:

Can this be mounted above a sign and angled back (Down) to the sign? We have a post behind the sign, so there is something to attach to but would need an extender. Ideas? Thanks. CBC

Answer from Pegasus:

This product mounts into the ground using the included stake. I do not think that you could attach it to a post securely. It does pivot up/down. In addition, there is not an extender available for the solar panel. It can be up to 8ft away max.

Question from Lynn:

Is the lamp in this light replaceable? If so, what type lamp is it (i.e. MR-16, etc.)?

Answer from Pegasus:

It uses built-in LEDs that are not replaceable.

Question from Suzette:

Is it waterproof? I'm worried about rain

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, this light is designed for outdoor use.

Question from Consumer:

We are looking to light an elevated outdoor sign where wiring is not practical. Can the fixture head pivot to the vertical so one can be placed underneath and illuminate both sides, or would we need two, one fixed directionally at either side?

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, it can point straight up, so you can position it directly underneath your sign.

Question from Steven Pollari:

Does it automatically come on when it is dark out side or can you shut it off when you don't want to use it?

Answer from Pegasus:

Steven, Yes, it automatically comes on when it's dark out and turns off at dawn.

Question from David Strege:

How many lumens does this solar spot light have?

Answer from Pegasus:

This solar LED spotlight emits approximately 90 lumens.