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Clear - 40W - 120V - Krypton/Xenon Light Bulb - T3 - E12 Candelabra Base - Bulbrite

Clear - 40W - 120V - Krypton/Xenon Light Bulb - T3 - E12 Candelabra Base - Bulbrite



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Product Overview
  • Fully dimmable
  • 3000 hour life
  • Frosted or clear
A 40-watt, 120-volt krypton/xenon candelabra base T3 light bulb in clear bulb color that can be used in line voltage lighting systems, including chandeliers, outdoor lighting, sconces, vanity fixtures, portables, and ceiling fixtures.
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E12 Candelabra Screw
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Clear - 40W - 120V - Krypton/Xenon Light Bulb - T3 - E12 Candelabra Base - Bulbrite
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Question from Ed McCullough:

I want to use these in an arc lamp over a sofa. The individual lamps pods do not have any glass coverings. Most halogens have warnings about high pressure and possible bursting... These are not halogens but I was wondering if this application exposed over people is OK.

Answer from Pegasus:

Yes, it's fine to use these in that application. Bursting is not an issue.

Question from Stephanie:

Hi, how does the light output compare between the clear and frosted bulb? I suspect the frosted bulb diffuses the light. I want to use these in pendant lights over a granite island and cook top. Thank you.

Answer from Pegasus:

Stephanie, I would go for the frosted bulb in that application so that there is less glare. You are correct that the frosted will diffuse the light.

Question from Jerry:

How does this wattage output compare to halogen or incandescent lighting or LED? I'm looking to put them in a European fixture and need a lower wattage bulb that does not get as hot.

Answer from Pegasus:

Jerry, this is an incandescent source (halogen, xenon, krypton/xenon are all types of incandescent). It will get hot just like a 40W household light bulb would.

Question from Elizabeth:

What are the dimensions of this bulb? I need to use in a chandelier where the shades have a butterfly clasp onto the bulb.

Answer from Pegasus:

The tube has a diameter of 3/8in. The overall length is 2-7/16in.

Question from Elizabeth:

I have a light fixture that calls for 40 watt type b bulbs. Can this bulb work in that fixture? Also, in regards to another fixture, assuming it works in fixtures that call for a candelabra bulb, correct.

Answer from Pegasus:

Elizabeth, It has a candelabra base, so it will fit in fixtures that use candelabra bulbs of a comparable size. It possibly will fit in your fixture that calls for B type light bulbs. It will depend on the diameter/length of the B type light bulbs it uses.