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Metal Hardwire Box for 3-Wire Grounded Lights

Metal Hardwire Box for 3-Wire Grounded Lights



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Product Overview
  • Commercial grade box
  • 4 knockouts
This metal hardwire box can be used with Microfluorescent 3-wire grounded light fixtures and LED Line Voltage light fixtures so the fixtures can be controlled by a wall switch. Be sure to use a flexible connector to connect the hardwire box and the light fixture.
A flexible connector of the appropriate length must be used to connect the hardwire box and Microfluorescent Light Fixture or the LED Line Voltage Light Fixture.
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Metal Hardwire Box for 3-Wire Grounded Lights
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Question from Paul:

Can I feed a light out of the right and left side?

Answer from Pegasus:

No, because only a single cable that connects to the run of fixtures may be plugged into the box.

Question from Mark Drabkowski:

What are the dimensions of the metal hardwire box for 3-Wire Grounded Lights?

Answer from Pegasus:

2-1/8 inches wide x 2-7/8 long x 1-1/4 high

Question from Smith:

Can the fixture just be directly hardwired to my existing line without the use of this box? Pegasus sent me the wrong box (2-wire instead of 3-wire) and rather than wait for a replacement, I figure I'll just strip the existing plug and wire it to the supply inside of an off-the-shelf junction box.

Answer from Pegasus:

No, you cannot hardwire directly to the fixtures because their profile is too small. I am sorry that you were sent the incorrect box. We will happily send you the correct one. Please call customer service and we will gladly correct the issue.