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Hardwire Box with Rocker Switch

Hardwire Box with Rocker Switch



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Product Overview
  • White
  • On/Off rocker switch
This hardwire box with allows the Microfluorescent T4 Light Fixtures to be controlled by an on/off rocker switch. Be sure to use a flexible connector to connect the box to the light fixtures.
A Flexible Connector of the appropriate length must be used to connect the hardwire box to a T4 fixture.
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Hardwire Box with Rocker Switch
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Question from Gerard:

Rather than hardwire this, can I plug it into an outlet, so that I can use the switch to power on multiple linked fixtures? I want to be able to plug into a wall outlet, but use one switch to turn on 3 linked fixtures.

Answer from Pegasus:

Gerard, If you hardwire a cord and plug to one of the knockouts then you could connect the box to your run via a flexible connector and control the fixtures using the switch. Unfortunately this box cannot accept the power cord accessory we sell with the microfluorescent fixtures. It does not have a separate port for it.

Question from Tony:

Hi: I have a small galley shaped kitchen. I was planning to connect 6 2 wire plug-in T4 fixtures (2 on left side of cabinets, 2 on front cabinets and 2 on right side of cabinets). Was planning to install Hardwire Box with Rocker switch on 120v AC line coming from wall below front cabinets and then string 3 T4 on the left of junction hardwire box and 3 T4 on right side of hardwire box. Does Hardwire Box with rocker switch have a plug in capability on both left and right sides to do this? If not, how would you propose stringing 3 left side T4 fixtures and 3 right side T4 fixtures together? Look forward to your response. Thanks.

Answer from Pegasus:

Tony, The hardwire box has 1 port for a run of T4 fixtures. Unfortunately you likely need to use 2 hardwire boxes connected to the same line voltage to accomplish this.

Question from Bill Scarpelli:

Hello: I plan to connect 5 or 6 2 wire plug-in T4 fixtures together with flexible connectors and would also like to install a PSP-B hardwire box with a rocker switch to turn the lights on and off from a single switch. If the T4 fixtures are connected together as indicated, can I connect the last (or first) T4 fixture in line to a hardwire box to accomplish this without hardwiring the box. Thank you.

Answer from Pegasus:

Bill, The hardwire box is designed to hardwire to power, so I am a bit confused by your last sentence. Your installation sounds great. A run of T4 fixtures, which in turn connect to the hardwire box via a flexible connector. The hardwire box should then be hardwired to power.