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IC Recessed Lighting Housings

When a recessed light fixture is turned on the light source within the housing generates heat. This makes the exterior of the housing itself that is inside the ceiling cavity hot. If any insulation were to touch the recessed can there is a considerable risk of fire. So, if this describes your situation you will need an IC-rated recessed can light. These types of housings include an outer wall to protect against any combustion when insulation comes in to contact with the housing.

Recessed Lighting and Insulated Ceilings

If you are installing recessed lighting on the top floor of a house, in a ceiling directly under an attic, or in a basement ceiling there is usually insulation installed in these locations. Insulation is a combustible material. If it gets hot enough it will cause a fire.

Therefore, it is an absolute requirement to install IC-rated recessed housings in these situations. Any light source inside a housing will generate heat. Even LED. Of course, some light sources, like halogen, generate more heat than others. Either way, a recessed can and insulation should never touch.

IC recessed lights are housings with outer walls that remove the risk of fire from a hot housing touching insulation. Some might call these fire rated recessed light fixtures. IC-rated lights are available for any kind of project. Whether your need is for a new construction or remodel housing.