Home Theater Lighting

Are you looking to have some fun with your home theater lighting? Let your home theatre lighting ideas run wild with Pegasus Lighting’s wide selection of products. Add an LED exit sign for a fun accent that also provides safety. To help friends leave a dark room, install some LED step lights for pathways and stairs. Dimmable cove lighting or recessed downlights are a great choice for providing both general illumination for when the room is not in use and the low-level lighting needed during movie time. A really whimsical conversation-starter is a fiber optic star ceiling kit, which is among the most unique home theater lighting fixtures that we carry. To learn more about home theatre lighting, please visit the section near the bottom of this page.

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Home Theater Lighting FAQs and Tips

What types of lighting could be used in my home theater?

Many different types of home theater lighting fixtures can provide a comfortable and safe theater experience. Using recessed downlights, wall washer downlights, cove lighting, cabinet lighting, LED rope lights, stage lighting, step lights if there are steps, pathway lighting if there are several rows of seats, and wall sconces, can create a well-layered lighting plan for your home theater.

How can cabinet lighting add valuable lighting to my home theater?

If your home theater has cabinets on either side of the screen, cabinet lighting can provide illumination necessary to be able to read labels and operate any controls whenever necessary.

What types of lighting can I use to enhance the safety of my family and guests?

Home theater lights are not all about style, as safety is important as well. For large home theaters, you may want to consider using a green LED edge lit exit sign to indicate where to go in case of an emergency. Exit signs are among our most popular forms of home theater LED lighting for the overall safety they provide. Step lighting and pathway lighting are excellent, attractive options to ensure the safety of everyone.

What types of accent lighting can be used in my home theater?

A fiber optic star ceiling with twinkling “stars”, dimmable cove lighting, or LED rope lights around the perimeter of the room can provide attractive accent lighting in your home theater. Stage lights can accent the proscenium part of the stage during intermission as well as enhance the decor. All of these are viable options, but if you want home theater LED lighting that is particularly affordable and versatile, use the rope lights.

Should my home theater ever be completely dark?

While low levels of light are important for a positive theater experience, a theater should never be completely dark, except when it is not being used, of course. Subtle home theatre lighting is necessary for illuminating pathways that allow for safe moving, for illuminating the remote control, and for seeing and eating snacks and drinks.

How can I avoid direct glare on my screen?

Glare from home theater lights can ruin the movie watching experience. To avoid glare, use deeply recessed downlights and wall sconces with opaque fronts or dark translucent diffusers. Additionally, all or most light fixtures in a home theater should be dimmable in order to reduce direct glare.

How do I prevent shadows on my screen?

Keep the rear of your home theater as dark as possible.

How much light should I use during intermission?

A home theater needs enough light to illuminate the room adequately during intermission and maintenance times (e.g., when the carpet needs to be vacuumed). Remember this when thinking of home theatre lighting ideas, as functionality at all times is a must.