Holiday Lights

There are endless possibilities for using LED holiday lights – especially string lights, rope light, and tape light – in holiday decorations. LED string lights for trees and garlands are just the beginning. Imagine your family’s traditional mantle backlit by green LED tape. Or the red glow of LED channel rays emanating from built-in bookshelves. For indoor or outdoor xmas decorations, LED tape and rope can be used to backlight decorative objects on the mantle and shelves, or it can be used to illuminate the outside of the house itself! Holiday lights are great for both enjoying family traditions and creating new traditions. Family DIY projects using holiday lights can bring everyone together.

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Holiday Lighting Tips

Indoor LED Holiday Lights

Although many LED light strips and LED string lights can be used indoors or outdoors interchangeably, there are some specific applications for LEDs indoors that need special mention. Take holiday decorating to the next level by casting indirect lighting – a festive color or white – from coves and under shelves, mantles, and kick boards. If you have a Christmas tree, plenty of string lights wrapped around each branch make for a glorious spectacle.

The holidays can be great excuse for upgrading the lighting in your home year round. For example, putting some color changing LED tape for use as over cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, or cove lighting will allow you to have crisp, white, functional LED light between holidays and to switch to marvelous colored light to celebrate each coming season.

Outdoor LED Holiday Lights

Nothing makes a neighborhood feel more lively than grand displays of outdoor holiday lights during the holiday season. Whether the lights are wrapped around trees and bushes, lining the house itself, or concentrated in fun shapes around the yard, LED holiday string lights, tape, and rope lighting have a way of capturing the imagination and making all seem right in the world.

Imagine your deck stairs covered in even strips of colored light. This can be achieved by using LED tape under the surface of each step. Because LED tape has an adhesive back, installation is generally quite easy, and the effect is sure to please. You can double down by running LED tape under deck railings or under the lips of any walls. Even the most mundane outdoor areas can become glowing beacons of holiday spirit.

Using Flood Lights

String lights and LED light strips are great, but why stop there? Another really fun and easy way to wow your neighbors is to use an LED flood light with a colored gel to liven up your home. Washing large surfaces in colored light is the perfect way to quickly turn your home into a spectacular holiday sight or to take your already spectacular decoration scheme to the ultimate level.

You can also cast colored light from up in trees down to the yard by adapting a technique people call “moonlighting.” Colored LED floodlights hung in trees can create ambient color and cool shapes that transform your yard into a holiday wonderland.

Christmas Tree Lights

If decorating for the holiday season means lighting a Christmas tree for you, then there are some factors to consider. Will the tree be indoors or outdoors? Do you want your tree to have only a single color lights, multi-colored lights, or white Christmas tree lights? It really depends on the context. Sometimes, solid colored (red or green are great choices) Christmas tree lights in the front yard can be really stunning. A tree indoors or outdoors with only warm white Christmas lights can also be elegant and wonderful. And multi-colored string lights are always a lot of fun. You really can’t lose, so let the lighting designer within you run rampant!

DIY Holiday Light Projects

The holiday season is a great excuse for doing some DIY projects that are sure to make you and yours all the merrier. Make shapes out of chicken wire – spheres, trees, angels, stars – and weave LED holiday lights through them to create awesome DIY Christmas light projects. You can also use chicken wire and some posts to display words written in LED rope. Using LED rope to write seasonal words and phrases is a fun DIY holiday lighting project that can be executed for indoor holiday decorations, as well. The word “Joy,” for example, spelled out in cursive in green LED rope, could have quite a pleasant effect on the living room. And it’s a great project for kids.