Garage Lights

Here is a great and easy tip for your home garage or workshop – upgrade your lighting. Find a number of garage lighting ideas for both inside and outside. Our selection includes ceiling lights for much improved general lighting, linkable lights to brighten your workbench or garage shelving, and a number of LED battery operated lights to easily light up a dark space for better shop organization.

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Ideas for Lighting Your Garage or Workshop

When you are considering the best lighting for your garage, it is helpful to mentally divide up the space into sections. That way, you can determine your lighting needs for each area and choose your light fixtures accordingly. For example, you might section off the organization and shelving units, the workbench area with tools and supplies, the entry and exit points, and the outside perimeter.

Let’s tackle the organizational area first. When your shelves are illuminated, it’s that much easier to find what you are looking for quickly. We typically recommend fluorescent or LED garage lights for shelving units. You have a multitude of options, from microfluorescent light fixtures to puck lights to in-cabinet lights. If you go with LED or fluorescent for shelves, you will ensure the lights will be highly efficient and long lasting. You won’t have to worry about changing light bulbs frequently.

For those with a workbench; bright, focused shop light fixtures are crucial. Your best option is a flexible shop light with a clamp-on installation. That way, the light is mounted right on the surface where you need it, and you can guide the beam of light depending on the task.

The entry and exit points include any doors that lead in or out of your garage. You want adequate lighting here to find your keys, unlock and open the door, and avoid tripping over obstacles. On dark nights, you will appreciate motion-activated and/or photocell garage light fixtures for these areas. Either will provide automatic lighting so that you won’t be blindly fumbling for the light switch.

Finally, consider your outside lighting – you do not want to neglect the perimeter of the area. Driveways, paths, and other surrounding areas can be illuminated with spotlights, flood lights, and other area lights.