Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

A staple of ceiling lighting, flush mount ceiling lights provide general illumination for rooms and hallways, are relatively inconspicuous, and make great lighting an option even for small spaces, like smaller laundry rooms. You encounter traditional incandescent and fluorescent all the time. However, more and more, we are seeing newer LED flush mount ceiling lights available for both the home and business markets.

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Flush Mount vs. Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

You might be wondering, what is the difference between flush mount and semi flush mount ceiling lights? Isn’t something either flush or not? How can something be SEMI flush? Great questions, but the answer is simply that semi flush mounted ceiling lights are ceiling light fixtures that have a flush mounted plate and a fixture that extends down a few inches from the ceiling. Notice that we didn’t say “hangs” down from the ceiling. Semi flush ceiling lights have short, rigid connections to their flush-mounted plates and therefore do not hang. Semi flush mounted ceiling lights are great for general illumination with a little pizzaz.