Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lighting

For energy efficiency on a budget, we offer a variety of fluorescent under cabinet lights that can be a great addition to any kitchen. Under cabinet fluorescent lighting is one of the best ways to save energy without sacrificing functionality, and is generally less expensive than other energy-efficient options. Our hand-picked selection of under cabinet fluorescent light fixtures can help you affordably light your countertops without sacrificing quality or longevity.

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Why Should I Choose Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lights?

Fluorescent lights have a colorful history, and even more colorful modern applications. So what makes fluorescent so special? What makes them good for under cabinet lighting?


Fluorescent lights are one of the most energy efficient light sources available, and they are also one of the most durable. LEDs may last longer, but fluorescent light fixtures are typically less expensive. Because energy efficient under cabinet fluorescent fixtures can reduce your power bill, you can save money both initially and long-term.


Fluorescents are renowned for being cool to the touch. Unlike some other types of light sources, you never have to worry about the heat of your under cabinet fluorescent lights warming or melting anything in the shelf above or on the counter below. But don’t let that fool you. Despite their low heat output, fluorescent under cabinet lighting can shine with some of the warmest colors!

Color Temperature

The temperature of a fluorescent undercabinet light’s color is independent of its physical heat. Color temperature is a measurement for visible light, ranging from “warmer” colors like yellow or orange (under 3200 Kelvin) to “cooler” colors like bright white or blue (over 4000K). While it may seem counterintuitive that warmer light actually has a lower temperature, the color temperature scale is based on wavelength, not physical heat. Cool white and bluish lights have much smaller wavelengths than warm white or yellowish lights, so they have higher color temperatures. Here are some tips for choosing between color temperatures:

  • If your kitchen is painted with warm colors like red, orange or pink, warm lights may accent your space the best. Warm light also helps to create a very homey, traditional feel in any room.
  • If your kitchen has more blues or greens, you may want to pick cool white lights to really make those colors pop or give your kitchen a more modern, industrial look.

Fixture Type

Linear fluorescent under cabinet lighting fixtures offer the most evenly illuminated countertops. While fluorescent under counter puck lights can be useful for accenting individual dark areas.

A Customer Lighting Project Example

Occasionally our customers are so happy with their new lighting solutions that they send us photos of the finished product, and we love to show them off! Lea, a customer from Fort Mill, SC, used under cabinet fluorescent lighting in her kitchen and, we think, the result was stunning.

Picture of new fluorescent under cabinet task lights in customer kitchen

To learn more about Lea’s project, visit our blog post at http://blog.pegasuslighting.com/2012/06/featured-lighting-project-from-fort-mill-sc/